RIP Sanity Live At The Dublin Castle, 1st November 2013

RIP Sanity were birthed out of the primordial slime in London in 2009 by Guitar meisters Az & Sarah & the lineup is currently completed by Ivo Yordanov on Drums, Victor Cardona & Rich Cook. According to their Bio they sound like Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera & lamb Of God. Yes, they do sound like Megadeth & Anthrax & Slayer & none at all and all at once, not sure about Lamb Of God, i’ll get back to you on that! Tonight’s show was a short one played to a crowd of mostly friends with a few unknowns scattered through the audience. The set was well received by most i would say & i think the addition of Victor Cardona on bass adds something that was not quite there before, no disrespect to the previous bassist, he did a solid job but i think Victors energy spices things up a little. Don’t get too big headed now Mr Cardona!! i think it was a shame that the venue was not full because if it was then the energy would have moved the crowd like atoms over a blazing fire, oh well! At least ”Nuclear Midwinter” got this small fire started & it kept crackling throughout. All in all a good show, i await them playing a larger venue, not too large, just large enough to give sound more space to breath.

Album:- ”Enter The Asylum” OUT NOW on Itunes.


Set List

1) Nuclear Midwinter
2) Purge The Infected
3) Cynic * New Song
 4) Black For some reason we needed an encore
5) Unscarred