Simon York:- ”Nothing’s Ever Quite What You Thought It Would Be”


”If you like Luxury Stranger then you’ll love this!! How can i describe this? It’s like a large bowl of black treacle & marmite mixed with silky smooth dark chocolate & mixed again with Acacia Honey & finally topped off with sugar crystals soaked in mature whiskey. It is so easy to like this, i don’t mean in a ”LIKE MEEEE!!’ way, it’s just likable, in the same way that The Chameleons are likable. The sound is dark but with the mood lighting kept on in the background so you can see what lurks  back there, in the background. The drums are sublime, keeping everything together in a heavy but precise way & the vocals, smoky, gauzy, Interpolesque, what else can i say??.”You Don’t belong here anymore”  is reminiscent of ”Faith” by The Southern Death Cult at the start, great drums on that track. Next is ”Waiting for Someone” I know that feeling, waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to take me away, i give up eventually & take myself away, where i want to go is more interesting.”The Path” has more percussive loveliness & the lyric ” Whooooooo did you think i was??” The bass just rams home the point of the question as if demanding an answer.Track 6 ‘On Top Of The World” sounds so familiar but not, i feel i’ve heard something similar before but not heard it at all. Or have i? It’s like a shot of deja vu. I know what it is, it sounds like Talk Talk & Cure from The Head On The Door Era. ”Look Behind The Mask” takes me into a large 18 century Ballroom full of people in fancy dress hiding their powdered faces behind exotic masks & fans. Track 8 ”I know i’m right” takes me on another journey of familiarity forgotten & leads me into the next track. Track 9 ”1” is very Brendon Perry,whilst track 11 ”Leper” has more great drums which are forceful & emphatic shadowed by bass that does not disappoint. The Daniel Ash guitar screaming adds to the atmosphere. I have an image of Black clad vampish Gothettes dancing like whirling dervishes  around a pile black leather handbags as if the pile was a fire of dark energy compelling them to gyrate. I’ve played bass & i identify with this way of playing, moody & angsty & very hypnotic.

Track 14 ”Exit” (The Xtended & Rearranged Mix) It sounds like a sonic representation of me dancing in reverse, with a hollowness of feeling,Staring robot like into back nothingness & feeling peace.

Overall this is a great album, i thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s full of musical references some easy to get some alot harder (Track 12), but that’s good, i don’t want to listening to be too easy.Having said that there comes a point when you have to stop hunting for references & take the music at face value.I need my musical bearings but being lost without knowing where the hell i am can be exciting so just go with the flow & enjoy. Simon Yorks voice is rich & full like an expensive bar of chocolate, to be indulged at your leisure whilst the drums & bass do their job perfectly as they should.I have already listened to this album 7 times interspersed with other bands for comparable variety & i am not tired of listen to it yet. I have had the pleasure of listening to Luxury Stranger once before & i look forward to this material being played live.”

Top Notch!!

5 marks out of 5

Track Listing:-

1:- Together, Alone

2;- You Don’t Belong Here Anymore

3:- Waiting For Someone

4:- The Path

5:- I hear You Call

6:- On Top Of The World

7:- Look Behind The Mask

8:- I Know I’m Right

9:- 1

10:- 2

11:- Leper

12:- A Gentle Reminder

13:- Exit – Return

14:- Exit – return (Xtended & Rearranged Mix)


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