”Good afternoon dear readers, how are you today? Brilliant, i am fine thanks for asking! Anyway today i thought i’dreview the recent album released by father & daughter duo SPC ECO (Or Space Echo if you prefer) The father as Curve fans will know is Dean Garcia (he of the wonderful bass creations/producing) & Rose Berlin (she of the breathy & dreamy vocal).

This album is superb!! It send shivers down my spine, conjures dreams, draws out reminiscences, dissolves pain & induces sleep.  I get images of low camera shots in late afternoon, cool breezes, shadowy figures seen through translucent sheets made of silk. i look up & see deep blue early evening skies just revealing the twinkle of the stars. Funnily enough i don’t hear Curve in this at all, i hear Elizabeth Frazer (not surprising seeings that Elizabeth Frazer is one of Rose’s Influences) & All about Eve circa ”Ultraviolet”. The album i play to death at the moment that gets my blood boiling & my juices flowing is ”Katá ton Daímona Eaf̱toú” by Rotting Christ. That dear reader is a damn good album! ”Sirens & Satellites” is a damn good album too & to me it is the perfect counterpoint to the above. If fact why don’t you listen to both & post here in the comments section your views?


Track Listing:-

1:- Fallen Stars

2:- Delusional Waste

3:- Zombie

4:- Hold You Up

5:- High On It

6:- The Whole Day Long

7:- Make Me Stay

8:- Hold On Me

9:- Don’t Need Fear

10:- Tweet Fields At Night

11:- Sirens & Satellites

12:- L.O.L The witch is Dead

13:- You’re Cold

14:- Free Fall

15;- Found







“I think that this is a good album with a few hit & miss tracks on it but I like the Title. I spent 8 years working at the Electric Ballroom during the Full Tilt era, good times they were indeed, but nothing lasts Forever….. It sounds in places a bit  Bowie, in others a bit Fab Four then a bit Marilyn Manson, with a smattering Green Day for good measure. It also sounds a bit like Specimen, oops no it doesn’t, oh yes it does!!

”Death Drive” is the opening track & & this is definitely Specimen with emphatic drums & screechy guitar followed by ‘Electric Ballroom’ which has the Mansonesque intro & metallic grating vocal, this track has ‘The disposable Teens” vibe to it which is quite pronounced in my opinion. ‘Lilacs’ is foot stomper a la Flesh For Lulu crossed with Bolan, i bloody love this, the foot is going like a rally drivers braking foot & the hips want to follow…….”Nothing Last Forever” is a great track too, ‘I could be a scarecrow, you could be a witch” sets it up perfectly.”Play Prey” a drum centric track is full of attitude & twisted snarl whilst ‘Fatal Error’ is the track that sounds like gothed  up Ramones/ Green Day, not one of my favourites to start with but it grows on you (slightly) ”Cinema of Attractions” starts high & descends the scales in a Bauhaus kind of style as the drums go Ba Boom Ba Boom! ‘Aftershock” is weird, i like it!, keyboard centric with vocoder on the vocals, love it! Next we have ‘White Space’ with distant vocals is the track that sounds like Bowie crossed with The Beatles, all acoustic guitar,strings & piano. Following ”White Space” is a souped up version of an old classic, ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” , this is a dance centric mix that to me has similarities to ”Firestarter” in places, so what though! It’s a bloody good & danceable track!! Finally we have ‘Ticket To Oblivion”, another dance track featuring Ollie & his other project Space Tribe. It’s a psytrance track with urgent riffing guitars & reminds me of the crossover parties i used to go in the early 90’s down in Old Street, London where you’d have goth/industrial/ebm/trance Dj’s spinning their wares in different areas of a large abandoned warehouse. i can see the fluorescent dayglo & space stick now!!

On the whole this is a good album & i’d thoroughly recommend it being added to your collection!!


Track Listing;-

1:- Death Drive

2:- Electric Ballroom

3:- Lilacs

4:- Nothing Lasts Forever

5:- Play Prey

6:- Fatal Error

7:- Cinema Of Attraction

8:- AfterShock

9:- White Space

10:- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Specimen Vs Atomiser  (Featuring Johnny Slut & Fil OK)

11:- Ticket To Oblivion (Featuring Ollie Wisdom & Space Tribe)




The Specimen can be followed also via Spotify




Was it something i said?

Was it something i said not?

Was it something i did?

Was it something i did not?

Is it something i am?

Is it something i am not?

Is it something i created?

Is it something i created not?

What is it i wonder or not!!

I can’t please all people all of the time!

I don’t have the will or the energy to step into line!

Take it or leave it that’s all i can say!

i don’t give FUCK @ the end of the day!!

I’ve no idea what goes on in your mind!

Life’s a lot easier to steer clear i find!


“I was looking forward to this event for weeks in advance & overall it was a good event with a few issues. I turned up just after 7pm at The Resistance Gallery, which is near to Cambridge Heath Railway Station in East London. Stage set up had been delayed for various reasons that i know not so the first performance was late on. I decided to lubricate my throat with a can of Guinness which turned out to be £5 per can!! 5 Quid for a can of Guinness that i could have got around the corner for a pound.What a bloody rip off!. Anyway the venue is a mess of a place in my humble opinion, a bit rough & ready & is used for art installations, musical performances, performance art or anything else of an arty persuasion. I don’t like it!! The toilets didn’t have locks on them and the loos didn’t flush, if you can charge a fiver for Guinness then i’m sure you can afford some locks for the loos and a bloody plumber!




Anyway, the first performance was by The Yokai Demon Drummers. They play a style of Japanese drumming called Taiko which is Dynamic, energetic in execution, theatrical & atmospheric. They are influenced by the dark side of Japanese culture & history along with the mythology of demons & spirits. Along with the taiko drums other traditional Japanese instruments are used to create sound art that enthrals. I would like to see this act again but in a much better venue that does their sound justice, i could not fully appreciate them here.


For more information click these links:-






”Next onstage was Vera Bremerton supported by Monsterlune Freakshow. This was interesting! I’m thinking ”Legend”, i’m thinking Leigh Bowery, sweet & sour, i’m thinking a finger running around the rim of a wine glass, i’m thinking of fingers running down a blackboard interspersed with sweet trinkets of cut glass! This is what i like, the interplay between pleasure & pain, beauty & ugliness, seduction & repulsion. My first impression of the whole of what i  was experiencing was not too dissimilar to my reaction when dipping my feet into a scolding hot bath, aaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


For more information click on these links:-








Next onstage were a pair of Shibari performers by the name of Miumi & Gestalta. Shibari is the art of erotic bondage using rope & strategically placed knots to create interesting shapes & body positions. There is an interplay between rigger & model that is not only artist but illustrates the the interplay between domination & submission, power & helplessness as well as fear & control. The art facilitates a rush of endorphins in both parties & it has been known for the model to become overcome or ”rope drunk”.

Shibari has its origins in Hojo Jutsu, a martial art used for restraining &/or torturing captives by the samurai & local police until the 1700’s . Because of the samurai codes of honour different knots & tying techniques were used depending on the status/rank/bravery of the prisoner. In the 1900’s a style of erotic rope play was developed call Kinbaku but we in the west tend to use the term ”Shibari” as a name for erotic spirituality or  bondage is is thus not a martial art.

I found this performance interesting & intriguing & i’d be interested in exploring my own reactions to being bound & pushing the boundaries of experience.


For more information on the art of Shibari click on these links:-






”I”d never heard of of Psydoll until a few weeks before this event, i did not research them at all so i was coming into this event as a virgin. And through no fault at all of the band this first experience was not as pleasurable as i expected. Due to some unscheduled  & luckily not very serious pyrotechnics a speaker got destroyed & Psydoll had to perform their set through one speaker. The sound was terrible but the saving grace was the bands professionalism to get on & do the set anyway. After many moments trying to get the sound as good as  possible the set progressed into quite an energetic finale. For this alone i would give Psydoll 12 out of 10 for professionalism & enthusiasm but it is a shame that the people that paid their money did not get a better experience overall. I look forward to  Psydolls next show so i can write a longer, more detailed review.


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“Global Citizen pulled out of the proceedings citing incompatibility between their aural soundscapes & the means of delivery of said soundscapes. Under the circumstances i don’t blame them.”





”I first heard about London Tattoo South after looking through a friends timeline on Facebook. I was confronted by an image of an interesting lady by the name of Angel Rose Skull. It transpired that she is a professional body modification practitioner so i had a look at some of her work & i decided that she would be the one that carries out my next piercing. A few months later i decided to pop down to London Tattoo South, which is located a few minutes walk from Elephant & Castle. When i arrived i was confronted by a very clean & welcoming environment, if you had any anxieties or felt intimidated those feelings soon dissolved like a sugar lump dissolved by a drop of warm water.The tattooing area is open plan so customers can see the artists at work whilst they wait,albeit from behind a divider. Luckily Angel was on duty that day so she did do my piercing. The whole experience, carried out in an enclosed & very clean room was efficient, professional & by the book. I felt totally at ease with the experience & Angel involved me in the process & did not put any needles through my skin until i was totally happy with placement. I was happy & she got down to the business of facilitating the insertion of my new Medusa Jewellery. I remember my reaction was to shout ”Fucking Jesus” followed by the flow of adrenalin through my veins. Yes, i was pleasantly invigorated & given a sharp reminder of my own being. After being given advice on aftercare which i followed to the book, i paid & left. Two weeks later i returned to have the jewellery replaced & on a whim i decided to have a tattoo.I’d been pondering for months on what i was going to have done to my left arm in regards to sleeve design & had visited other Tattooists, researched online for inspiration etc, but what i had done at London Tattoo South was not part of my design plans. The night before, images of dragonflies kept flitting through my head & on the spur of the moment i decided to have one tattooed on my arm. So ideas were expressed, drawing done & then after an hour or so of tattooing my new artwork was finished. Again, highly professional, My ideas were taken on board & the overall experience was a good one & I will be popping back to London Tattoo South in the future for more inking. At this stage in my review can i thank Angel & Davide for their work, great job!!!!”

”I highly recommend London Tattoo South for all your body modification needs so go check them out!!! You won’t be disappointed!”


London Tattoo South

3 Saint Georges Road

Corner of Garden Row



United Kingdom







Well dear reader, what can i say about Cauldronated Live after experiencing their audio/visual delight on video? Still enigmatic, still sublime, danceable & a thoroughly good listen. Dave Barbarossa’s drumming is precise & hip gyratingly groovy & Eva Menon extricates her thoughts in a shout/talk style like a precocious soul who is fully aware of what is wrong or right with the world.She has a very strong visual presence that  backs up  verbosity which at times is minimal & at others extensive.Her look holds your attention.I think it was around the track ”Radix Maloram” that some wit in the crowd shouted out ”Cheer Up love!” which elicited a nice smile from Eva.  The sound at the venue was good i thought apart from a mic cutout midway through the set,apparently someone opened the fire door & in the process pulled out a cable. But Dave’s professionalism kicked in & kept the set going with no stops. They could be playing at a much better venue though & they will soon i’m sure. Also RoadTrip was too small for my hair.I got annoyed briefly at having to leave the main area a few times to let other punters out &  i lost count of the times my luxurious curly mane got caught in someones ring or bag strap. Note to self, tie hair up when in small venues!

Onwards & Upwards I’d say!!


 Set List:-

1 IBossa,

2 The Ring of Khan,

3 Radix Maloram,

4 Buy this thing (power cut).

5 Raymond Zane,

6 Though in Hell,

7 In this World.