Well dear reader, what can i say about Cauldronated Live after experiencing their audio/visual delight on video? Still enigmatic, still sublime, danceable & a thoroughly good listen. Dave Barbarossa’s drumming is precise & hip gyratingly groovy & Eva Menon extricates her thoughts in a shout/talk style like a precocious soul who is fully aware of what is wrong or right with the world.She has a very strong visual presence that  backs up  verbosity which at times is minimal & at others extensive.Her look holds your attention.I think it was around the track ”Radix Maloram” that some wit in the crowd shouted out ”Cheer Up love!” which elicited a nice smile from Eva.  The sound at the venue was good i thought apart from a mic cutout midway through the set,apparently someone opened the fire door & in the process pulled out a cable. But Dave’s professionalism kicked in & kept the set going with no stops. They could be playing at a much better venue though & they will soon i’m sure. Also RoadTrip was too small for my hair.I got annoyed briefly at having to leave the main area a few times to let other punters out &  i lost count of the times my luxurious curly mane got caught in someones ring or bag strap. Note to self, tie hair up when in small venues!

Onwards & Upwards I’d say!!


 Set List:-

1 IBossa,

2 The Ring of Khan,

3 Radix Maloram,

4 Buy this thing (power cut).

5 Raymond Zane,

6 Though in Hell,

7 In this World.


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