”I first heard about London Tattoo South after looking through a friends timeline on Facebook. I was confronted by an image of an interesting lady by the name of Angel Rose Skull. It transpired that she is a professional body modification practitioner so i had a look at some of her work & i decided that she would be the one that carries out my next piercing. A few months later i decided to pop down to London Tattoo South, which is located a few minutes walk from Elephant & Castle. When i arrived i was confronted by a very clean & welcoming environment, if you had any anxieties or felt intimidated those feelings soon dissolved like a sugar lump dissolved by a drop of warm water.The tattooing area is open plan so customers can see the artists at work whilst they wait,albeit from behind a divider. Luckily Angel was on duty that day so she did do my piercing. The whole experience, carried out in an enclosed & very clean room was efficient, professional & by the book. I felt totally at ease with the experience & Angel involved me in the process & did not put any needles through my skin until i was totally happy with placement. I was happy & she got down to the business of facilitating the insertion of my new Medusa Jewellery. I remember my reaction was to shout ”Fucking Jesus” followed by the flow of adrenalin through my veins. Yes, i was pleasantly invigorated & given a sharp reminder of my own being. After being given advice on aftercare which i followed to the book, i paid & left. Two weeks later i returned to have the jewellery replaced & on a whim i decided to have a tattoo.I’d been pondering for months on what i was going to have done to my left arm in regards to sleeve design & had visited other Tattooists, researched online for inspiration etc, but what i had done at London Tattoo South was not part of my design plans. The night before, images of dragonflies kept flitting through my head & on the spur of the moment i decided to have one tattooed on my arm. So ideas were expressed, drawing done & then after an hour or so of tattooing my new artwork was finished. Again, highly professional, My ideas were taken on board & the overall experience was a good one & I will be popping back to London Tattoo South in the future for more inking. At this stage in my review can i thank Angel & Davide for their work, great job!!!!”

”I highly recommend London Tattoo South for all your body modification needs so go check them out!!! You won’t be disappointed!”


London Tattoo South

3 Saint Georges Road

Corner of Garden Row



United Kingdom



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