“I was looking forward to this event for weeks in advance & overall it was a good event with a few issues. I turned up just after 7pm at The Resistance Gallery, which is near to Cambridge Heath Railway Station in East London. Stage set up had been delayed for various reasons that i know not so the first performance was late on. I decided to lubricate my throat with a can of Guinness which turned out to be £5 per can!! 5 Quid for a can of Guinness that i could have got around the corner for a pound.What a bloody rip off!. Anyway the venue is a mess of a place in my humble opinion, a bit rough & ready & is used for art installations, musical performances, performance art or anything else of an arty persuasion. I don’t like it!! The toilets didn’t have locks on them and the loos didn’t flush, if you can charge a fiver for Guinness then i’m sure you can afford some locks for the loos and a bloody plumber!




Anyway, the first performance was by The Yokai Demon Drummers. They play a style of Japanese drumming called Taiko which is Dynamic, energetic in execution, theatrical & atmospheric. They are influenced by the dark side of Japanese culture & history along with the mythology of demons & spirits. Along with the taiko drums other traditional Japanese instruments are used to create sound art that enthrals. I would like to see this act again but in a much better venue that does their sound justice, i could not fully appreciate them here.


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”Next onstage was Vera Bremerton supported by Monsterlune Freakshow. This was interesting! I’m thinking ”Legend”, i’m thinking Leigh Bowery, sweet & sour, i’m thinking a finger running around the rim of a wine glass, i’m thinking of fingers running down a blackboard interspersed with sweet trinkets of cut glass! This is what i like, the interplay between pleasure & pain, beauty & ugliness, seduction & repulsion. My first impression of the whole of what i  was experiencing was not too dissimilar to my reaction when dipping my feet into a scolding hot bath, aaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


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Next onstage were a pair of Shibari performers by the name of Miumi & Gestalta. Shibari is the art of erotic bondage using rope & strategically placed knots to create interesting shapes & body positions. There is an interplay between rigger & model that is not only artist but illustrates the the interplay between domination & submission, power & helplessness as well as fear & control. The art facilitates a rush of endorphins in both parties & it has been known for the model to become overcome or ”rope drunk”.

Shibari has its origins in Hojo Jutsu, a martial art used for restraining &/or torturing captives by the samurai & local police until the 1700’s . Because of the samurai codes of honour different knots & tying techniques were used depending on the status/rank/bravery of the prisoner. In the 1900’s a style of erotic rope play was developed call Kinbaku but we in the west tend to use the term ”Shibari” as a name for erotic spirituality or  bondage is is thus not a martial art.

I found this performance interesting & intriguing & i’d be interested in exploring my own reactions to being bound & pushing the boundaries of experience.


For more information on the art of Shibari click on these links:-




”I”d never heard of of Psydoll until a few weeks before this event, i did not research them at all so i was coming into this event as a virgin. And through no fault at all of the band this first experience was not as pleasurable as i expected. Due to some unscheduled  & luckily not very serious pyrotechnics a speaker got destroyed & Psydoll had to perform their set through one speaker. The sound was terrible but the saving grace was the bands professionalism to get on & do the set anyway. After many moments trying to get the sound as good as  possible the set progressed into quite an energetic finale. For this alone i would give Psydoll 12 out of 10 for professionalism & enthusiasm but it is a shame that the people that paid their money did not get a better experience overall. I look forward to  Psydolls next show so i can write a longer, more detailed review.


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“Global Citizen pulled out of the proceedings citing incompatibility between their aural soundscapes & the means of delivery of said soundscapes. Under the circumstances i don’t blame them.”




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