“I think that this is a good album with a few hit & miss tracks on it but I like the Title. I spent 8 years working at the Electric Ballroom during the Full Tilt era, good times they were indeed, but nothing lasts Forever….. It sounds in places a bit  Bowie, in others a bit Fab Four then a bit Marilyn Manson, with a smattering Green Day for good measure. It also sounds a bit like Specimen, oops no it doesn’t, oh yes it does!!

”Death Drive” is the opening track & & this is definitely Specimen with emphatic drums & screechy guitar followed by ‘Electric Ballroom’ which has the Mansonesque intro & metallic grating vocal, this track has ‘The disposable Teens” vibe to it which is quite pronounced in my opinion. ‘Lilacs’ is foot stomper a la Flesh For Lulu crossed with Bolan, i bloody love this, the foot is going like a rally drivers braking foot & the hips want to follow…….”Nothing Last Forever” is a great track too, ‘I could be a scarecrow, you could be a witch” sets it up perfectly.”Play Prey” a drum centric track is full of attitude & twisted snarl whilst ‘Fatal Error’ is the track that sounds like gothed  up Ramones/ Green Day, not one of my favourites to start with but it grows on you (slightly) ”Cinema of Attractions” starts high & descends the scales in a Bauhaus kind of style as the drums go Ba Boom Ba Boom! ‘Aftershock” is weird, i like it!, keyboard centric with vocoder on the vocals, love it! Next we have ‘White Space’ with distant vocals is the track that sounds like Bowie crossed with The Beatles, all acoustic guitar,strings & piano. Following ”White Space” is a souped up version of an old classic, ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” , this is a dance centric mix that to me has similarities to ”Firestarter” in places, so what though! It’s a bloody good & danceable track!! Finally we have ‘Ticket To Oblivion”, another dance track featuring Ollie & his other project Space Tribe. It’s a psytrance track with urgent riffing guitars & reminds me of the crossover parties i used to go in the early 90’s down in Old Street, London where you’d have goth/industrial/ebm/trance Dj’s spinning their wares in different areas of a large abandoned warehouse. i can see the fluorescent dayglo & space stick now!!

On the whole this is a good album & i’d thoroughly recommend it being added to your collection!!


Track Listing;-

1:- Death Drive

2:- Electric Ballroom

3:- Lilacs

4:- Nothing Lasts Forever

5:- Play Prey

6:- Fatal Error

7:- Cinema Of Attraction

8:- AfterShock

9:- White Space

10:- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Specimen Vs Atomiser  (Featuring Johnny Slut & Fil OK)

11:- Ticket To Oblivion (Featuring Ollie Wisdom & Space Tribe)




The Specimen can be followed also via Spotify



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