”Good afternoon dear readers, how are you today? Brilliant, i am fine thanks for asking! Anyway today i thought i’dreview the recent album released by father & daughter duo SPC ECO (Or Space Echo if you prefer) The father as Curve fans will know is Dean Garcia (he of the wonderful bass creations/producing) & Rose Berlin (she of the breathy & dreamy vocal).

This album is superb!! It send shivers down my spine, conjures dreams, draws out reminiscences, dissolves pain & induces sleep.  I get images of low camera shots in late afternoon, cool breezes, shadowy figures seen through translucent sheets made of silk. i look up & see deep blue early evening skies just revealing the twinkle of the stars. Funnily enough i don’t hear Curve in this at all, i hear Elizabeth Frazer (not surprising seeings that Elizabeth Frazer is one of Rose’s Influences) & All about Eve circa ”Ultraviolet”. The album i play to death at the moment that gets my blood boiling & my juices flowing is ”Katá ton Daímona Eaf̱toú” by Rotting Christ. That dear reader is a damn good album! ”Sirens & Satellites” is a damn good album too & to me it is the perfect counterpoint to the above. If fact why don’t you listen to both & post here in the comments section your views?


Track Listing:-

1:- Fallen Stars

2:- Delusional Waste

3:- Zombie

4:- Hold You Up

5:- High On It

6:- The Whole Day Long

7:- Make Me Stay

8:- Hold On Me

9:- Don’t Need Fear

10:- Tweet Fields At Night

11:- Sirens & Satellites

12:- L.O.L The witch is Dead

13:- You’re Cold

14:- Free Fall

15;- Found





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