“I only went to this venue to see one band, The UnderRunners because Cauldronated’s enigmatic chanteuse Eva Menon was playing the drums. This was the first time i had seen them & i must say they were very good. On first impressions they are punchy, driving,raw and dirty. They remind me a bit of Girls Against Boys at their best. My lower lip was protruding, my thumbs were hooked into my skirt pocket tops & my right foot tapped with an urgent stomp. When i am more familiar with their music i shall give a more rounded review.”


Fed On Famine

Fed On Famine


”The other bands, i was not really taking much notice of to be honest apart from The Sly Persuaders. Fed on Famine were a punky outfit led by  heavily tattooed bassist/Vocalist Boff. They were very tight, the bass was straight forward & punchy & the guitar embellishments ornamented a strong sturdy core .Not really my cup of tea i’m afraid but hey ,horses for courses as they say!. They sounded a bit like Gay Bikers On Acid in places or maybe that was just me. Jelly   are a band i’ve not seen before either, i’ll have to listen again to get a more rounded view of their music, what i will say though is that their bassist sounded very “Korpiklaani” to me, which is a good place to start because i like Korpiklaani & there is also something else familiar about them but i can’t put my finger on what.I kept saying to myself at the gig:- ”That sounds like, erm you know, what is it?, damn its gone!!”. The Sly Persuaders were great. Gritty,fuzzy,urgent, a bit like polished leather having a fight with some wire wool. If you have a bad day at work this would slyly persuade you to LET IT ALL OOOOOUT!!! Well worth some more exploration methinks!!”

The UnderRunners

The UnderRunners

The Sly Persuaders

The Sly Persuaders

”The photos are not very good in regards to resolution because yours truly forgot to take along the fully charged spare batteries for my DSLR, so my phone had to be used instead, note to self ”Must take spare batteries to gigs!!”









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CAULDRONATED live at The Pavilion & Tamesis Dock

Friday 14th March & Sunday 16th March 2014

Cauldronated Live At The Pavilion 14th March 2014 ©6bw Cauldronated Live At The Pavilion 14th March 2014 ©4bw

Two shows by the same band in one weekend, how much wine can one take? Quite alot as it happens, but not enough to enjoy the shows.

The first was at the Vibe Bar at The Pavilion at 91 Brick Lane, London. There is no signage that i could see advertising the place & i walked past it a few times but once you are in it’s handy because after you’ve got hammered you walk out straight into the aroma of fried onion, sausage, chips & various types of curry.

”Anyway, onto the show.It was a better venue than the one before, it had a decent sized stage big enough to facilitate some unrestrained expression & the sound was good too after some fixing & tweaking from Cauldronated’s Tech Wizard & 3rd member Dave Harman. Sound separation helped everything to be airy & decipherable & of course because of that the set was a lot more enjoyable. And do you know, the more i hear this music the more it grows on me,buy a bottle of Cauldronated folks, uncork it, let it breath & then knock back a generous slug, wait a bit & have another generous slug. repeat until content!”

Cauldronated Live At The Pavilion 14th March 2014 mod2bw Cauldronated Live At The Pavilion 14th March 2014 mod4bw

”The Tamesis Dock show on Sunday was at a floating pub on the south bank of the Thames between Vauxhall & Lambeth Bridges. When i say floating, it wasn’t when i got there & when i left at 11pm it still wasn’t floating,i don’t know which would have been worse, being drunk & falling overboard at high tide or low tide, but anyway i am here so on with my tale of high jinx on the high seas (river).”

”My first gig on a boat & it was interesting. The set could not be performed lengthways for logistical reasons so instead it was port to starboard. On the starboard side there were benches & sofas/tables & the PA/drums/tech were located on the port side underneath assorted artwork with enough room in between for staff to shuffle through with peoples orders.The sound was squashed & flat when the other band sound checked but again Dave Harman’s skills helped make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Dave Barbarossa is as he is at all the shows i’ve seen, professional & on the money & Eva Menon, as a front person is coming along in leaps & bounds gaining more confidence & experience as she goes along. Look at her eyes! You can see the shackles being shed & the liberation of the performance. A bit like a horse being let loose after a long night couped up in a confining stable!”

Roll on the next show, that’s all i can say!!


Set List:-

1 IBossa,

2 The Ring of Khan,

3 Radix Maloram,

4 Buy this thing (power cut).

5 Raymond Zane,

6 Though in Hell,

7 In this World.




‘My feet hardly move when i hear this but my crotch undulates angrily & with purpose! My eyes become narrow slits & my teeth grate to the point where i think they will splinter!! This is fabulous! Right now i don’t care about the lyric, i care about the feeling it evokes! Aggressive, angsty with a big pointy index finger stabbing you in the chest leaving a big red sore mark for posterity……”

”And it sounds like Curve, not surprising really seeings that Dean Garcia is involved”



Stupid Bitch Reject

UPDATE 12/6/2014


“This is a band I discovered on a friends Facebook page this evening. I discovered them just as an acquaintance came back from a meeting with his soon to be ex wife (true!) Who would have thought eh? Maybe the band name is a tribute to a mind finally coming to its senses after a bad trip with a backward glance at what was & a forward glance to what will be!
Anyway the music, it tastes really good! I get The Cocteau Twins, I get All About Eve with subtle hints of Android Lust & Blood Ruby. If Stupid Bitch Reject were a wine they’d be a good wine like all of the other artist I’ve reviewed on here over the past few months. Let the sonic ingredients slosh around inside your brain until the flavours release themselves from the overall mix & let them invigorate your senses until one feels satiated.”

“Bean Niochain” is All About Eveish with a simple but driving bass line that pulls you along with the vocal nicely, the guitar completes the picture. “Side By Side” reminds me of cloth turning to liquid & I get pale blue hues rippling in the breeze. Ghost Dance spring to mind so does the drum snap from Joy Division’s “She’s lost Control”. “Inside My Asylum” has a lovely guitar flourish that conjures images of bubbles bursting on the surface of a pond whilst gentle rain agitates from above. “Only” has me swirling around under a waterfall into a state of dizziness brought on by feelings of regret. It feels like Bel Canto in places!.”How It Tastes” is cold white shiny surfaces. Android lust or even Puncturevine spring to mind.

A cracking good listen this!