Stupid Bitch Reject

UPDATE 12/6/2014


“This is a band I discovered on a friends Facebook page this evening. I discovered them just as an acquaintance came back from a meeting with his soon to be ex wife (true!) Who would have thought eh? Maybe the band name is a tribute to a mind finally coming to its senses after a bad trip with a backward glance at what was & a forward glance to what will be!
Anyway the music, it tastes really good! I get The Cocteau Twins, I get All About Eve with subtle hints of Android Lust & Blood Ruby. If Stupid Bitch Reject were a wine they’d be a good wine like all of the other artist I’ve reviewed on here over the past few months. Let the sonic ingredients slosh around inside your brain until the flavours release themselves from the overall mix & let them invigorate your senses until one feels satiated.”

“Bean Niochain” is All About Eveish with a simple but driving bass line that pulls you along with the vocal nicely, the guitar completes the picture. “Side By Side” reminds me of cloth turning to liquid & I get pale blue hues rippling in the breeze. Ghost Dance spring to mind so does the drum snap from Joy Division’s “She’s lost Control”. “Inside My Asylum” has a lovely guitar flourish that conjures images of bubbles bursting on the surface of a pond whilst gentle rain agitates from above. “Only” has me swirling around under a waterfall into a state of dizziness brought on by feelings of regret. It feels like Bel Canto in places!.”How It Tastes” is cold white shiny surfaces. Android lust or even Puncturevine spring to mind.

A cracking good listen this!



4 responses to “Stupid Bitch Reject

  1. Hi,
    just a small message to warn you that we’ve decided to rename the band in Saigon Blue Rain. We finally realised that the first choice we’ve made didn’t suit us anymore.
    So, don’t hesitate to spread the word around you. Thanx for your support!



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