Luxury Stranger

Luxury Stranger


“Where do i begin? Luxury Stranger were the stand out act on an uninspiring bill in my opinion.The other bands were infused with their own brand of charisma but nothing really grabbed me & got me shouting ”YEAH!!” . Another great set cut short due to time constraints but still  retaining the intensity, the drive & the edge of the other show i saw a few months back at Nambucca. Everything was full on with no compromise on energy & i heard a guy next to me say”This band are brill, really really tight (thumbs Up) And i truly believe they deserve to be playing on a higher pedestal than the one they play on currently……


Luxury Stranger

Luxury Stranger


…..The first band on bored me to tears, if it wasn’t for Guinness preoccupying my taste buds i would have fallen asleep standing up. What were they called again? I can’t even remember. The band after Luxury Stranger were called NeverMind & i  kind of did!. Four blondes that were interesting to look at playing some alternative pop but the sound was like listening to sugar lumps dissolve in luke warm water. . The live set did not really inspire me & the vocals were a bit off but i detected a hint of Ace Of Bass in the mix &  i will say that the video ”2 Lines” is not bad, i liked it! I wouldn’t choose to pay money to see them but then again i am not in their target audience so that is no loss to them nor me! The last band were The Crystal Seagulls, a four piece hailing from from London,Birmingham,Hertfordshire & Cheshire. Jingly Jangly indie rock, they are not my scene & they sound a bit like The Arctic Monkeys. ”Toe Tapper” is a good track though.”

”What all the bands have in common though is dedication to what they do & a willingness to keep the live scene going. It’s a shame that many punters don’t have the same attitude!! ”

”If you don’t like my views, go & read something else!!





1:- Wash – The acoustic version of this is fab!!
2:- Nothing Holy – Mournful & slightly metallic, liquid silver & with a Tears For Fears feel to it!!
3:- The Real is Done – This track has the ”Brendon Perry’s” about it & i direct my own video in my head whilst i listened. The Humber Bridge features quite prominently!
4:- A Triumph of the Heart – A foot stomping good track! ”A  triumph of the heart is not something to be counted, on, a triumph of the heart is something that should be looked at before it’s started!!”
5:- When the Lady Takes the Blame – ”You tell her that you love her, she begs you not to leave her!” Or something like that!.
6:-Side of the Road (skipped due to time)
7:-Diver – The guitar sounds like  very early OMD with a garnish of Joy Division to my ears but subtle so the LS sound predominates! Great Track!




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