”Well, phew! that was good!! I’ve been listening to Grace Solero for a few months now, this is my first live show. Surya was not that busy but those that made the effort were treated to a darn good set that was brimming with as much enthusiasm as if it was a packed venue.The stage is downstairs in the basement & is an intimate space with a good sound due to the in house sound tech. That guy deserves a mention because the sound i thought was very good indeed!! Top marks for that!! The band, these  guys were polished, tight & on top of their game like the consummate pros they all are. The foot tapping started from the opening track ”Riptide” & continued all the way to ”Apartheid” at the end. There was an issue with a foot peddle near to the end but that was dealt with as smoothly as a plasterer applying a fresh layer over a crack in a wall,Bosh! job done!.”




”Most of the set was from the most recent album ”One Hundred Years Apart” except for the tracks ”Troops” & ”Apartheid” which are from the 2009 album ”New Moon”.  There is a more detailed review of ”One Hundred Years Apart” written by yours truly over at Music Trespass. The link is down below for reference, please have a read!”




”The Bass was expressive, The drums punchy, the guitar exuberant & the vocals smokey, savoury & sweet, like  Bourbon & Honey Roast Pork.I do like to describe music using food references because music is food for the ears in my humble opinion & you get the right nutrition out of good music as you would out of good food so the references are relevant to me!. I have mentioned elsewhere that there is a Alanis Morrisette/Diamanda Galas/Skin from Skunk Anansie vibe in the mix that adds to the overall unique flavour & this gives my musical palate a darn good work out.






1:- Riptide

2:- Unless

3:- St Ives

4:- Eternal Love

5:- Electro

6:- We Don’t Wanna

7:- Far Away

8:- Real

9:- Circles

10:- Once Again

11:- Troops (New Moon)

12:- Yard

13:- Apartheid (New Moon)









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