As per usual Cauldronated played a tight and professional set with no hiccups but to a sparse crowd that had not really warmed up yet because it was still early in the evening. They were the first band on at 10:30pm for a 30 minute set. Their music does not warrant an opening slot and would have been more appreciated if they had been put on second or even third. Alas myself and the band had no say in the running order so we had to make do. The second band on which were a blues duo had more of a response from the crowd because they were sufficiently warmed up & they even danced. I think familiarity was a factor. If Cauldronated were to play a set at AC in the future who knows what the response might be. All i can say is that exposure no matter how little is better than no exposure at all and at least punters will have left the venue after a hard nights perving with a new band name ringing in their ears!! Lets hope that curiosity leads them to future shows elsewhere!!

One thing to note about the set is this, Eva Menon suits a larger stage! She becomes herself, more expressive, more forceful, larger than life, as if shackles have been removed from her ankles and the room has been flooded with pure oxygen. What can i say about Dave? He knows the game, he’s on the money, doing his thing like a well oiled machine! The beating heart of this eight limbed beast!



Ok, What’s next???






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