”Calling All Astronauts are a London based sociopolitical Anarcho Electro Goth Punk 3-piece” (Bandcamp)


”I was just about to go to sleep when i decided to hunt this album down on Spotify, i found it and sleep became a distant memory. The serotonin in my system ran for cover from an onslaught of Adrenalin that had me sitting up in bed like a reanimated corpse or a blow up doll with a hole in it that has just been pumped full of air. As soon as the pump stopped pumping i deflated back into the realm of dreams……..”

”This is a great Album!! it is punchy & grabs your attention without being bullying!! On first listen my impression was ”Vision Thing” by The Sisters Of Mercy, then i got Girls Against Boys from the grinding guitar riffs & then i got PWEI from other elements in the production. This album is great for Spinning which is something i do a lot & stand out tracks for this are :- ”Someone like You” , ”Freaks” & my favourite track ”What’s So Good About?” This track is hip grindingly gorgeous!! The interplay between the guitar & the vocal just gets me every time! The bass is simple but simple is all that is needed to finish off the mix, great track indeed!!!”

”I’m not really lyric focused when i listen to music, the sounds entering my ears are all that is required to evoke feelings, moods, images etc. That’s not to say the words are not important, they are but i like to create my own meanings so the music becomes personal & part of my inner soundtrack to life. Having said that, with a few more listens of this album understanding of the inner world of Calling All Astronauts will become more apparent.”

”For now i will sum up by saying that this 48 minutes of ear shagging brilliance!!”








1:- Someone Like You

2:- Freaks

3:- What’s So Good About?

4:- Scenesters Vs The World

5:- Politicized – Ignorance Is Not An Excuse

6:- It Could Have Been Lust

7:- Simple Man

8:- Eye Of God

9:- Winter Of Discontent

10:- Justice

11:- Faith In Your Cause

12:- Feel The Pain (Again)

13:- The Demise Of Society

14:- Red Flag







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