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UPDATE 30/7/2014

More Information on  ALTFEST’s current issues can be found here;-

Thank you!!


There has been speculation & rumor that the festival has been cancelled. As i write this no clarity has been offered so i assume that the festival is still going ahead. For info please check the ALTFEST website/Facebook page & Twitter feed!!

Thank you!!


”Are you an avid festival goer into Goth/Metal Music? Are you sick of the bland tired boring corporate slosh you’ve been served up since the dawn of time? Well this will be right up your musical alley! ALTFEST is the brainchild of the Owners of Club AntiChrist, a well known & established Nightclub in London. The nightclub, a monthly/bi monthly event caters to those who like a smorgasbord of Goth/Metal/industrial & fetish & once experienced is not forgotten. ALTFEST will have the same impression too & you will be asking:- ”When is the next one happening??”

So, if you are dying to see Cradle Of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Killing Joke, My Ruin, Uk Decay, The Eden House, Alien Sex Fiend, Satyricon etc & you are free from the 15th to the 17th August this is event NOT TO MiSS!!” All details are below;-







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