An Introduction To The Hang!!

What is a Hang you may ask!  Well dear reader i shall tell you! A Hang is a percussion instrument invented in Berne, Switzerland in 2000 by Felix Rohner & Sabina Schärer. The name comes from the Bernese German word for hand because hands are used to conjour out the sounds instead of mallets which would be used with steel drums. Because it is played using the hands the sound is usually softer & lot warmer & could be likened to a harp, bells or a harmonically tuned steel pan. The Hang does use similar principles to a steel drum but due to metallurgical & acoustic research by the inventors there is a difference in design,construction & sound!

Got that dear reader? Good! Now, i first heard of the Hang a few months ago when a friend of mine posted this video on Facebook;-



I thought to myself:- ”This sounds good, it sounds relaxing & evokes images of sunset, beaches, open fires, waterfalls, rocky pools, trees, fresh air, wilderness sans people” Everything sans people, a place i can go where i can be without restrictions imposed from within or without! Where i am at my most open & creative. So i did some Search Engining (I’m trying to ween myself off of using that well know term that alludes to web searches) & i found this video:-



Enthralled  by the enigmatic playing i went in search of the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys elsewhere on the interweb & i found this:-

& this:-



I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this music as i do!!










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