Clan Of Xymox 16 8 14 095M© ”The weekend of the 15th/16th/17th August was supposed to be ALTFEST but due to various issues relating to finance/management the event was cancelled!! One of the bands that was supposed to play the terminally ill festival was Clan Of Xymox. They had paid their travel costs and hotel bills in advance so it was up to someone to put on an alternative event so their losses were kept to a minimum. That someone was Frank Drake from Flag promotions. The 16th was the middle day of the swiftly organized SOS Fest, 3 days of Alternative fun with a diverse roster of bands such as XP8, Global Citizen, Deviant UK, Kommand+Kontrol, Spiritual Front etc. I could only attend on the Saturday & i turned up late due to issues of an alcoholic nature. So i only got to see the last song of Whispers In The Shadow’s set, so not enough exposure to pass comment. Next up were She Past Away. A duo from Turkey, they sound like the Cure crossed with The Sisters Of Mercy sonically & looked like Jesus Of Mary Chain Sartorially. I like the dark textures highlighted with flickering light that bounces around the sharp surfaces like light in a prism! I’ve just had another listen on Soundcloud and i don’t care that they sing in Turkish, it adds to the atmosphere and enhances ones imagination.Well worth a listen in my opinion7 i will comment on them again in future reviews!!”

Clan Of Xymox 16 8 14 108M©


”Clan Of Xymox i have not seen before. I first heard of them in the mid eighties through a friend but never really got into them that much even though they were label mates of Dead Can Dance, Wolfgang Press & Cocteau Twins etc.The only track i heard with any regularity was Muscovite Mosquito, a dance floor staple at my local Goth Club in the 80’s. The set comprised of tracks from their new Album ”Matters Of Mind, Body & Soul” accompanied by tracks from the albums ”Creatures” , ”Medusa” , ”Hidden Face” & ”In Love We Trust”. That set was a no frills, tight, professional affair devoid of un necessary banter & was pretty much as i expected, pensive, dreamy & melancholic,  i felt that some tracks could have tried my patience if i was in a non responsive mood due to the dirge like qualities of a lot of tracks. i like dirges as much as the next goth but they can become a bit tiresome if performed one after another!”

Clan Of Xymox 16 8 14 131M©

”Overall this was a good show & i’ll definitely go & see Clan Of Xymox again!!”


New Album:- ”Matters Of Mind Body & Soul” Out NOW!!




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