“My second excursion out of London in two days took me on a jolly jaunt down to Epsom. What can i say about Epsom? It was a sunny day, it has a high street and there were people about. Not as many as Oxford Street i might add so the vibe was less frenetic and tense. And that was the vibe i got when i entered Black Heart Tattoo. I felt relaxed as soon asd i set foot inside. As you’d expect in a tattoo parlour it was adorned with flash hung on the walls, there were display cabinets filled with an assortment of body jewellery, there were flash books, a nice looking sofa and wooden floors and behind the counter three Tattoo chairs awaited warm bodies to impart their heat into their black leather.They did not have to wait too long because myself and another worshipper of the needle were ready and willing to offer our pain to the Gods Of The Eternal Ink! Angel was my guide on this particular journey and a splendid journey it was too. My already epilated thigh was wiped down and shaved again to prepare the flesh for the kiss of steel and then the stencil of my pre chosen design, a butterfly Mandala, was placed with great care on my upper left thigh. With some necessary manoeuvring to clear a mole i was ready!! A pleasant experience on the whole, hardly any pain of great note felt apart from a few uncomfortable twinges near the end of the session at the top of the tattoo, and a dead right leg as well. I fell asleep on two occasions, the coffee i had not doing its job. But Angel was doing hers hence the dozing.

Four and a half hours later i was done!! Very pleased was i with the results and i will definitely go back for more work at a later date. All the staff are easy going and you are made to feel welcome, one of the tattooists, who’s name forget (sorry) went and got me a multipack of hula hoops, which was nice cos i only wanted one bag. Coffee was offered too and welcomed even though it didn’t do much to keep me a wake. My new art was rubbed clean, smeared with ointment, photographed  and then covered with protective cellophane. After that i was off back to Gotham, i mean London to prepare for the next days work in a small office with inconsistent temperature.”


I would Recommend this place highly!!!!!























































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