The Underrunners:- No God No Kings

All Photographs ©ClaudiaBlack2014










“The Underrunners are clever!! They bring out an album that sounds like so many things i have heard before but with the flip of a coin i have no idea what they sound like, apart from The Underrunners. Its as if a clever use of mesmerism has clouded my brain and i am standing in the middle of a park at 3 in the morning thinking to myself ”This looks familiar, how the hell did i get here??” The voice! Warbly like its been processed with chorus and then rinsed with a gargle of water mostly but gruff at other times . And then there’s the guitar, sinewy and shrill,sharp and bendy.Listen to ”Suspended” and you’ll see what i mean!! The bass of course along with the drums does its job keeping all the elements together like a membrane keeping the viscera from going for a wander and upsetting the overall symmetry and function .”Game Over” illustrates my point exactly Nothing is over done here, no over use of effects or other sonic trickery, like a steak and kidney pie with gravy this hits the spot nicely thank you very much!! Oh yeah i have remembered who they sound like now! “Die In The City” manages to sound like latter day Marilyn Manson with FOTN flourishes. “Just like Them” has that dirty sinister & Moody feel a la Nick Cave! “Second Republic” is an urgent romp stomp with Ghost Dance & Flesh For Lulu overtones that puts me on top of a cliff at sunset with the wind in my hair whilst i look off into the distance with the remainder of the suns rays squinting my eyes! All in all this is a good album that is a pleasure spending 45 odd minutes listening to. A few days after my first listen i still have a few tracks doing their merry dance around my head (Suspended/The Officer) and listening to other stuff is not erasing them! Job done wouldn’t you say??”














“The Underrunners are good live too!! What else can i say? Tight, confident,well rehearsed and the sound mix at The Hope And Anchor on Saturday night was excellent. I’d like to see them play at a larger venue at some point, not too large though because i don’t want the intimacy or the vibe to be lost in an expanse of space but we’ll see what the future brings, i expect it to be bigger things!”

“Check these guys out, they are definitely worth a look!!”



DSCF0973 copy











No God No King out now on Itunes, CD Baby and all good music retailers!!!



Track Listing:-


1:- Joyrider

2:- Antihero

3:- Game Over

4:- Suspended

5:- Just Like Them

6:- Second Republic

7:- Gone Generation

8:- It Ain’t Hell

9:- The Officer

10:- Die in the City

11:- Face to Face

12:- The  Party’s Over





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