Inkubus Sukkubus Live At The Slimelight, 13/12/14

”Last night i had no energy!! I had no energy all day in fact, i felt want of enthusiasm and a bit meh!! Around 5pm i perked up with the help of two mugs of strong black coffee, had a bath and then made an effort to get ready to go to the Slimelight. I looked pretty good after completing my cosmetic magic and then walked all the way to the venue. That’s when my Mojo and enthusiasm, what there was of it decided to leak out like the air from an inner tube during the throws of a slow puncture.  Inkubus Sukkubus were playing their 25th anniversary show and there weren’t that many people in the venue at all, around a hundred i would guess. I’ve no idea how many people attend their shows normally but there was plenty of space to mill around in without impediment. I’ve not seen the band before, in fact i had not made any effort to seek them out or check out their back catalogue until a friend asked me a few weeks ago to come and see them. I mean i’ve know of their existence for a long time but Inkubus Sukkubus have not been a ”Priority Must Listen”  They are a very good band live!!! To start with they performed an acoustic set of around 40 minutes duration playing loads of tracks i have no familiarity with but i must say that they did this with enthusiasm and plenty of projection. Candia has nice melodic and strong voice which was accompanied by Tony McKormack and Dave Saunders on guitar. Songs played were from albums such as ”Beltaine” (1990) , ”Belladonna and Aconite” (1993) and ”The Goat” (2011). Then came a break of around 45 minutes where another band i’ve not heard of before called Cauda Pavonis came onstage. Due to my lack of Mojo and my halo of meh i was not really paying much attention to them,  i was bored but my ears did prick up enough to notice Su Wainright’s voice, someone at one point leant over and shouted in my ear ”Is that voice male or female?” and those very same ears pricked again to hear their track ”Saturnalia” which i liked! When my Mojo returns i’ll check out Cauda Pavonis more fully, for now i have no more comment to make!

And so we come to the finale, Inkubus Sukkubus reacquaint themselves with the stage but this time with their guitars plugged in and with a drum machine. They are punchy, they have a workman like bass and a guitar ensconced with filigree and precision, not overdone nor underspiced. The crowd, mostly die hards who have been following for years absolutely loved them. My friend who i came with has seen them only once before but another had seen them 50 times!!! 50 times i tell you!!! Now that’s dedication!!! Me? I was a virgin and like a virgin ”I was touched for the very first tiiiime” A male person of the XY persuasion did take an opportunity, albeit a bit drunk to take to the stage and ask his long time  girlfriend to mary him, she said yes so no embarrassment was offered as his reward for exuding Dutch courage and then not long after it was all over. One question that did cross my mind was why Inkubus Sukkubus did not hold their 25th anniversary show in Gloucester where they are from! Only they can answer that! ”

”My night ended not long after, i left the venue to buy food, ate it and did not  have the interest or inclination to go back for the club night. No amount of alcohol could have elevated my Mojo so i went home!!”

UPDATE:- Currently listening ”Sigil” by Cauda Pavonis. What a good album this is!! It’s like cross between Dame Danielle Dax and Sopor Aeturnus in places. I’m loving ”The Dance”, ”Dead Mans gallery” and ”Dusk Til Dawn”. Loving the strong deep voice, note to self:- ” Stop using your knees as a drumkit and finish your review!!”


Inkubus Sukkubus are:-

Tony McKormack (Guitars)

Candia McKormack (Vocals)

Dave Saunders (Bass)

Inkubus Sukkubus can also be streamed on Spotify

Cauda Pavonis are:-

Su Wainwright (Vocals)

Dave Wainwright (Drums and Words)
Chris Hines ( Guitars)
Adam Henderson ( Bass)

Cauda Pavonis can also be streamed on Spotify. Dusk Til Dawn is Fab!!

Fields Of The Nephilim , Shepherd’s Bush Empire,London 5/11/14





















The Fields Of The Nephilim are one of my all time favourite bands! I bought all their stuff in the 1980’s and spent many an evening in my flat blasting tracks like ”Laura”, ”Trees Come Down”, ”Dawnrazor” etc at full blast whilst merrily clouded with cider and maybe the odd puff of ”Squidgy”. ”The Nephilim” has to be one of my all time favourite albums, i get goosebumps still when i listen, it’s a journey through the dark recesses of my mind, dim passages narrowing into cryptic spaces where my fears, hopes and dreams reside in cold storage waiting to be released from sinewy chains. After seeing them live once at The Fiesta Suite, Plymouth in the late 80’s and then experiencing  ”Elyzium” & ”Psychonaut” i stopped following the band, its fragmentation and various incarnations during the 1990’s. The 2000’s  peeked my interest in the band again and in my opinion they are just as good as they were back in the day. I still get the same goosebumps and there are still sinewy recesses to explore.

I turned up at the Shepherds Bush Empire just before the doors opened at 6:30pm. It was freezing!!! My companion arrived and we had a few large gulps of vodka in the  queue to keep warm and to help loosen the sinews whilst the aforementioned queue slowly  moved itself forward. It was a full moon that night but i could not get a shot of the moon, the venue and the queue in the same shot which is a shame! Anyway, after getting in and walking to our balcony seat we were offered our starter. Dolomite  Minor are a duo from from Southampton comprising guitar and drums. I don’t know anything about them other than they are a duo and sound a bit like BRMC. They were ok, a lot more palatable than HIM (His Infernal Majesty). HIM are not my cup of tea at all. When the girls sitting in front of us got  up and started screaming like, erm, girls  as the band took to the stage i thought to myself ”Ohhh God, one hour of this!!” And that was how it went for a whole bloody hour like an alternative X Factor, scream scream giggle giggle etc etc! I had to get solace in the bar and give my ears some respite from this piercing teenage cacophony. One saving grace about the set though was that the lighting  was interesting and helped with some decent photos.It was silvery and very Christmassy! Why were HIM on the same bill as Fields Of The Nephilim? HIM are influenced by FOTN and and Ville Valo is a friend of Carls, he got FOTN to play at the legendary Tavastia Club in Helsinki a few years back. I did notice that the stalls were only half full when HIM came on, the Watchmen and the hard core moshers flooding in as soon as they had left he stage.















At 9:30pm The Fields Of The Nephilim arrived on stage and started of with “Intro” (The Harmonica Man) from the “Dawnrazor” album followed by tracks from albums “The Nephilim”, “Elizium”, “Earth Inferno” and ”Zoon”. The voice of Carl McCoy has not changed in the past 25+ years, the vocals delivered with the same forcefulness and intensity,like Carl has been been chewing on burning coals and hot tar, the only change from the last time i saw them was that the  dry ices was used more sparingly, Whatever the reason it certainly helped with the taking of pictures!  There were plenty of Greek Watchmen in i noticed building their human pyramids and worshipping at the Altar like good acolytes. Once this bout of worship is done then they’ll be off to the next Ceremony!! Yes, it was an experience for me, a chance to renew my vows and feel those goosebumps again. It is around 25 years since i last saw them, the last time, there was so much dry ice you could not see the band at times and i was also in the crowd. Personally i would have liked the set to have been longer so i would have ditched Dolomite Minor on this occasion, having said that it was an experience to put on their cv and in 25 years if they are still together they will be playing an anniversary show at Shepherds Bush Empire, maybe!! Then again maybe Shepherd’s Bush may have gone the same way that a lot of London’s venues are going at the moment! I sincerely hope not!!!


























To Stream Fields Of The Nephilim, HIM or Dolomite Minor you can find your way to Spotify








The Danse Society :- If I Was Jesus/Sound Of Silence




Release Date:- 5th December 2014 on Itunes, Amazon etc


A brief history:- Formed in 1980, split in 1986 and then reformed again around 2009. For the full Biography check the bands website or Wikipedia.


It’s Chriiiiiismaaaaasssssss!!! The season of ”Good Will”,sherry trifle, dry turkey, presents no one wants, the cohabitation of people who can’t stand each other in the same room smiling through gritted teeth and wondering when they can go down the pub and hang out with decent folk!It is also the time for a plethora of Yule Tide Odes mostly odious to be projectile vomited out into the public sphere. Christmas for me was once a magical time when i was really young but that magic wore off as i got older. I’d go to church when i was knee high to a grass hopper and i’d have parts in the nativity play so the religious aspect was not lost on me. As i got older Christmas was about the time off school, the foods we’d not have during the rest of the year, the treats, the relaxing of rules and the play. In my teenage years the magic began to wane and the whole concept of Christmas began to lose its appeal, ”  Can i have the time off work and the booze/food without all the bullshit?” Small get togethers with friends without all the stress were more appealing, Jesus was never my friend, why do i need to use him as an excuse to have a celebration? “If I Were Jesus”  critiques and comments on Christmas like i have, its commercialism and the shifting from its original purpose. ”Did you need excuses, to buy presents for all your friends? What’s it got to do with me??” The track lolls along in a pensive way with a staccato like bass and shrill guitar which stabs into the proceedings like a stiletto in flesh and the vocal darts in and out of the shadows, one minute clear and the next slightly muffled like it’s behind a curtain or drape.I find it hard to follow sometimes so i stand my ground and wait for it to come back to me. Mulled wine and Old Holborn, well worn wood, the smell of leather forever vignetted………

“Sound Of Silence” is, for those who don’t know a cover of a Simon and Garfunkel song written in 1964 and included on the album “Wednesday Morning 3am” The original sounds like a day-dream. Apparently it was written in the bathroom with the lights out, a stream of consciousness conjured by the sound of running water. It is however a light and breezy ode to non communication written in isolation!

The Danse Society mix is smokey, a bit like you are sitting in a dark smokey wood in the dead of night and hearing the sounds snake and ripple through the trees whilst you sit on a mound of damp moss, elbows on knees staring blankly into the distance with moist eyes and kohl trails streaking their way down to the corners of your mouth, the perfect soundtrack to a preoccupied mind delving the depths for answers to questions that you did not know you were asking!! I think the vocals in this version could be a bit further forward in the mix but other than that its a great rendition. I think there’s an E Bow in there too, is that an E Bow? I’ve heard the Sharleen Spiteri version (The Movie Songbook)which i found a bit naked and the Bananarama version (Viva) was girly but with simple funky bass.

To sum up i’d say this is an good Double A side, it won’t be  everyones cup of tea and to others it’ll be an acquired taste!


Sound Of Silence Versions:-


Bananarama (Viva 2009)

Pat Mentheny (2011 What’s It All About)

Sharleen Spiteri (The Movie Song Book)