Inkubus Sukkubus Live At The Slimelight, 13/12/14

”Last night i had no energy!! I had no energy all day in fact, i felt want of enthusiasm and a bit meh!! Around 5pm i perked up with the help of two mugs of strong black coffee, had a bath and then made an effort to get ready to go to the Slimelight. I looked pretty good after completing my cosmetic magic and then walked all the way to the venue. That’s when my Mojo and enthusiasm, what there was of it decided to leak out like the air from an inner tube during the throws of a slow puncture.  Inkubus Sukkubus were playing their 25th anniversary show and there weren’t that many people in the venue at all, around a hundred i would guess. I’ve no idea how many people attend their shows normally but there was plenty of space to mill around in without impediment. I’ve not seen the band before, in fact i had not made any effort to seek them out or check out their back catalogue until a friend asked me a few weeks ago to come and see them. I mean i’ve know of their existence for a long time but Inkubus Sukkubus have not been a ”Priority Must Listen”  They are a very good band live!!! To start with they performed an acoustic set of around 40 minutes duration playing loads of tracks i have no familiarity with but i must say that they did this with enthusiasm and plenty of projection. Candia has nice melodic and strong voice which was accompanied by Tony McKormack and Dave Saunders on guitar. Songs played were from albums such as ”Beltaine” (1990) , ”Belladonna and Aconite” (1993) and ”The Goat” (2011). Then came a break of around 45 minutes where another band i’ve not heard of before called Cauda Pavonis came onstage. Due to my lack of Mojo and my halo of meh i was not really paying much attention to them,  i was bored but my ears did prick up enough to notice Su Wainright’s voice, someone at one point leant over and shouted in my ear ”Is that voice male or female?” and those very same ears pricked again to hear their track ”Saturnalia” which i liked! When my Mojo returns i’ll check out Cauda Pavonis more fully, for now i have no more comment to make!

And so we come to the finale, Inkubus Sukkubus reacquaint themselves with the stage but this time with their guitars plugged in and with a drum machine. They are punchy, they have a workman like bass and a guitar ensconced with filigree and precision, not overdone nor underspiced. The crowd, mostly die hards who have been following for years absolutely loved them. My friend who i came with has seen them only once before but another had seen them 50 times!!! 50 times i tell you!!! Now that’s dedication!!! Me? I was a virgin and like a virgin ”I was touched for the very first tiiiime” A male person of the XY persuasion did take an opportunity, albeit a bit drunk to take to the stage and ask his long time  girlfriend to mary him, she said yes so no embarrassment was offered as his reward for exuding Dutch courage and then not long after it was all over. One question that did cross my mind was why Inkubus Sukkubus did not hold their 25th anniversary show in Gloucester where they are from! Only they can answer that! ”

”My night ended not long after, i left the venue to buy food, ate it and did not  have the interest or inclination to go back for the club night. No amount of alcohol could have elevated my Mojo so i went home!!”

UPDATE:- Currently listening ”Sigil” by Cauda Pavonis. What a good album this is!! It’s like cross between Dame Danielle Dax and Sopor Aeturnus in places. I’m loving ”The Dance”, ”Dead Mans gallery” and ”Dusk Til Dawn”. Loving the strong deep voice, note to self:- ” Stop using your knees as a drumkit and finish your review!!”


Inkubus Sukkubus are:-

Tony McKormack (Guitars)

Candia McKormack (Vocals)

Dave Saunders (Bass)

Inkubus Sukkubus can also be streamed on Spotify

Cauda Pavonis are:-

Su Wainwright (Vocals)

Dave Wainwright (Drums and Words)
Chris Hines ( Guitars)
Adam Henderson ( Bass)

Cauda Pavonis can also be streamed on Spotify. Dusk Til Dawn is Fab!!


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