Cockatoo:- The Basement Tapes

”Another discovery i made whilst listening to The Mick Mercer Radio the other night are Cockatoo. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada they comprise of Robyn Bright on vocals, Rod Wolfe on bass/Synths, Robert Burkosky on Drums and Rich Witherspoon on Guitar. The sound is reminiscent of all those 4AD bands that i used to listen to back in the day like Xmal Deutcheland, Wolfgang Press and The Cocteau Twins but above all they sound like wind swirling through the filigree metalwork on a set of stairs before bouncing off the solidly carved end posts that support the balustrades! Deep rich evocative bass with guitar that cuts like splintered glass, pointed and emphatic drums all topped off with crystal cold silky maple syrupy vocals. You have to listen to White Picket Fence, simply brilliant!!!”

Track List;-

1:- Otto’s song

2:- Tidal waves

3:- Unrequited

4:- Stupid Poppy

5:- White Picket Fence

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Cauldronated Live At The Queen Of Hoxton, 20/12/14











”The night before i had one of my usual boozy binges and i overdid it as per usual! One should have stopped after the first bottle of wine but no i had to ruin everything!! Saturday afternoon i woke up with no memory of the night before and with the early stages of flu setting in. The flat was a mess, there was bottles everywhere along with empty plates replete with chicken bones, bread and indecipherable vegetables! I was in no state to go out Saturday night, i had no energy and my face looked like i’d been slapped around with spatulas simultaneously on each cheek!! ”I must make an effort” i said to myself!! So after numerous black coffees, paracetamol and rounds of toast i got ready in a half arsed fashion and then dragged my barely alive carcass down to The Queen Of Hoxton.”

”The Venue was located on a corner at the far end of Worship Street in the city of London opposite, well opposite nothing really, there was a building there but it’s not there now, another part of old London pulverized to nothing probably to be replace by more characterless glass. After negotiating the barriers and if i may say so, very accommodating door staff, i entered the venue and descended the stairs to the stage/bar area!! I was just in time.Cauldronated were on the stage and getting ready for the forthcoming set. Eva going through her pre set routines whilst Dave Barbarossa made final adjustments to his drums. The crowd was not an alternative crowd tonight. Totally different people to the crowd i am used to but there was plenty of them. A mixture of locals and out of towners readied themselves for the force that is Cauldronated!!”

”I have seen Cauldronated many times this year and as the year has progressed so has the confidence and presence of Eva Menon on each stage. Each gig is a progression, a letting go, an opening up, a statement of intent!! She uses the stage with much more fluidity, marking her territory with the words that are spat forth with a subtle hint of ”don’t mess with me!!” If Cauldronated were a F1 car engine they would be this past seasons V6 that won the championship for Mercedes!! Well oiled, all the components working in perfect harmony with each other and fuel/air mix just right to facilitate the perfect explosion!!”

”Ibossa, Ring Of Khan, the new single ”BUY THIS THING!!” all went down well with the ”normals” in the crowd, there was a lot of foot tapping in front of me i noticed whilst the group of girls sat behind me on the left side of the stage looked on with expressionless faces but the foots tapping under the tables betrayed their true emotions!! As i have noticed from other gigs that Cauldronated have played, the venue is packed for their performance and the crowd thins when they finish!!” Compared to the band that took to the stage afterwards Cauldronated are an intriguing shot in the arm that sharpens the senses as opposed to numbing them!”

”These Guys have got something, if you’ve not noticed!! I know that,they know that and soon the whole¬† world will know that too!!”


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