Cockatoo:- The Basement Tapes

”Another discovery i made whilst listening to The Mick Mercer Radio the other night are Cockatoo. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada they comprise of Robyn Bright on vocals, Rod Wolfe on bass/Synths, Robert Burkosky on Drums and Rich Witherspoon on Guitar. The sound is reminiscent of all those 4AD bands that i used to listen to back in the day like Xmal Deutcheland, Wolfgang Press and The Cocteau Twins but above all they sound like wind swirling through the filigree metalwork on a set of stairs before bouncing off the solidly carved end posts that support the balustrades! Deep rich evocative bass with guitar that cuts like splintered glass, pointed and emphatic drums all topped off with crystal cold silky maple syrupy vocals. You have to listen to White Picket Fence, simply brilliant!!!”

Track List;-

1:- Otto’s song

2:- Tidal waves

3:- Unrequited

4:- Stupid Poppy

5:- White Picket Fence

You can Listen to Cockatoo here;-

And you can get more information here:-

And you can watch them here:-


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