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Metal To The Masses at The Purple Turtle, Camden,29/3/15













I’m not too keen on the Purple Turtle!! It is always too hot, i always come out of the place wondering why i bothered to bathe before i left home! The place is humid, it is a venue that could double up as a green house, perfect for growing tomatoes and beans etc with the encouragement of heavy metal music. At least these tomatoes would be fortified with iron!! Sort out the air conditioning guys and i’ll become a lot keener!! That aside, i turned up to see Metal To The Masses quarter final 2. The ultimate prize for this speed,thrash,black,death,Tech,Trad metal riffery is a spot at this years BloodStock Festival. The bill included;-









RIP Sanity!










Bearfist, Skarthia and Wychound i missed but i did see the full set of RIP Sanity and Night Screamer. RIP Sanity have been embedding themselves into the quarter final stage for the past four years and  they expected to at least go one round further on this time! Alas it did not happen. The band did have two guitarists at one stage but Az left for personal reasons and in my opinion they need another guitarist to fill this void. Sarah has too much to do and i think the sound is lacking a certain ooomph in that area. There is an over compensation by the other members in an attempt to rectify this! What do they sound like you ask!! ok i’ll tell you!! they sound a bit like Anthrax, a bit like Pantera, a lot like Megadeth and maybe some Slayer thrown in, are you happy now?? All are accomplished musicians who by their own admission were not on top of their game on  this ocassion. I’ve seen many of their other gigs and they were certainly on top of their game then, floating even!! We all have off nights, i did too, my photos were mostly blurred due to focusing issues  but hey, WHAT DOES NOT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!!!


Rich Cook of RIP Sanity!












The final word is from the band themselves:-

* We will not go quietly
* We will make our voices heard
* We’re here to make a stand
* We’ve drawn a line in the dirt
* We are tired of the spoon fed bullshit that we’re currently being served
* We can no longer just sit by and watch everything and everyone we love be sold for commercial gain
* We are angry and frustrated
* We want change
* We don’t want to be lied to anymore
* We are so sick of choking on the smoke
* We are cynical
* We want you to shut your mouths and wallets, and open your minds, eyes and hearts
* We want you to listen instead of burying your head in the sand
* We want humanity to win
* We will not go quietly


Night Screamer










Night Screamer i have never seen nor heard of before!!! I tasted them like i was tasting a bottle of quality wine! I got Iron Maiden, i got Deep Purple, i got hints of Sebastian Bach, Joey Tempest with subtle hints of Ronnie James Dio!! This band were awesome!! What a voice!! And the bass playing was on the money, i like the bassist!! She was good!! A band definitely worth seeing if you want a meat and two veg evening out, everything does what it says on the tin, it hits the spot and you leave rubbing your belly in a satisfied way!!


Julie C of Night Screamer












Go and see these two bands, i implore you!!!

And now for nibbles………



The Sex Pissed Dolls, The Healthy Junkies & The Featherz Live At The 02 Islington, 20/3/2015


Nancy Doll Of The Sex Pissed Dolls.


”I was  10 in 1977 and the nearest i got to The Sex Pistols was sitting in front of the telly when a news report about them came on. I’ve not seen them since their reformations in the 90’s and 2000’s either. So when i found out that The Healthy Junkies would be supporting the Sex Pissed Dolls i had to go along for look, and of course a listen! They are an all female 5 piece consisting of Connie Rotter (guitar),Kitty Vacant (2nd Guitar), Nancy Lowey (Bass), Anna Key (Drums) and finally Nancy Doll on vocals. The band, dressed in an assortment of schoolgirl, Nurse, Fetish, Tartan attire came onstage one by one with the Guitarist arriving first to set the mood with the opening phrase to ”Pretty Vacant”, The rest of the band followed and the energy and pace did not let up for the whole set. Old punk classics from the likes of The Ramones, The Clash, The Police, Sham 69, The Buzzcocks and of course The Sex Pistols. All the members of the band have been playing their instruments from an early age and as you’d expect with a blinkered desire to succeed they are bloody good musicians!! Nancy Doll channeled the energy of the others members and spat and snarled near the edge of the stage! She has a great singing voice, she’s reminiscent of Diamanda Galas in that respect and visually. And just as intense and intimidating too! Her normal voice was a sweary Jodie Marsh but she is from Manchester so the Essex twang is a put on, yes?? She has nice eyes!! like chocolate buttons with a chilli stare!!”


Nancy Doll Of The Sex Pissed Dolls.




Nina Courson & Phil Honey Jones Of The Healthy Junkies.



”The Healthy Junkies were on the middle band on, i’ve seen them a few times now so i’m familiar with their workman like, slightly sleazy Gallic Punk. Nina Courson reminds me of a Beatrice Dahl/Bardot hybrid, still exuding sex appeal, look at her eyes and pouty lips, but with a dirtier edge. If you have not heard or seen the Healthy Junkies then i recommend that you do just to experience the raw sexy melodic punk energy that sounds a bit like Nirvana and Courtney Love!! i think their sound is suited to this type of venue, not too large so the sound drifts into nothingness and the intimacy floats away like a tissue on the wind and not to small so that the sound is condensed and becomes a mish mash!!”


Nina Courson ordering two JD and Cokes from the stage!











The Featherz

The Featherz












”The First band on were The Featherz, a two girl band consisting of:- Danie Cox on Lead Guitar and Vocals ,Alice Elizabeth Atkinson on Bass guitar and vocals and Dazzle Monroe, the only man on Drums. i arrived late so i did not hear the whole set just the last two songs. I’m not really in a position to pass comment on them so i won’t apart from they were energetic and Danie Cox was colourful. My first impression was of a Bowie inspired Woody Woodpecker backed up by a bassist that reminded me of Melissa Auf Der Maur. All i know about them is that they have supported Boy George on a 2013 tour and that their facebook page say that David Bowie has booked them to support him on an up and coming gig. It was posted on April 1st though so i am thinking about salt and some pinching!!”




TOY Live At The Islington Assembly Rooms, 24/3/2015





”Another big event venue less than 5 minutes away from my front door, a venue i have walked past on many occasions, a venue i associate with council meeting, AGM’s and the like but for the first time ever i actually set foot into. You enter the venue from Upper Street to be greeted by a balcony, look left and you see the stage which is at a right angle to the street. There is something about the atmosphere which is totally different to other gigs i have been to. In fact it does have the air of a council meeting and not a music event at all. The lights remain on at all times, there is no lingering odour of stale sweat and dry ice is none existent. This is not surprising really because the event was put on by ”Attitude is Everything” to promote accessibility to music for deaf and disabled people. There was good turn out but not enough to fill the balcony so that was left to a few people with video cameras. There were two support bands on the bill,Hulkenburg which i missed and Hatcham Social. I wasn’t really paying much attention to them, i only wanted to see TOY!! But they did sound a bit like The The and Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians. I was reminded of a Christian band trying to rock out and i half expected a compere to walk out onstage after their set and say ” Weren’t they a great band? Lets give thanks to Jaysus!!” And just at that moment Kanya West walked up to the mike!! Hahaha only kidding!! TOY were the reason i was here so lets talk about them! I’ve never heard of them before tonight (Why, should i have?)But i did have a quick listen to their most recent album ”Join The Dots” on Spotify before i left home and i enjoyed it! They sound like Loop, anyone remember Loop? A stoner/sludge rock band from the late 80’s early 90’s? I did not like the sound in the venue though, it did not do the band justice in my opinion, perhaps that had something to do with the fact that the balcony was empty so the sound lacked a certain fullness, in fact it sounded tinny at times. This is of course my opinion, other reviewers are free to disagree!!”











”The other gripe i have is that the bar had no Guinness or Porter in stock and i got £1.50 change from a tenner for 2 bottles of ale!! I went to a Weatherspoons afterwards for a nightcap and two pints of ale cost less than £6 in comparison! Back to TOY! i’ll see them again sometime in the future but the lights will be down!!”










Tonight was the first time i went to the new incarnation of The 12 bar Club. Now located on Holloway Road it is within a leisurely walk from my home. So that was what i did, i took a leisurely walk to the venue via Tesco and when i entered the venue i instantly liked the place. When it was an Irish bar called Phibbers i never went in but i think i will do from now on!! The venue is L shaped and decorated with lots of wood. You turn left when you enter and the bar is to your right, with seating on the left. Walk ahead and then descend some steps and turn right and you are in the stage area. Above the standing area there is a balcony with seating if you wish to have an elevated view of the proceedings. It’s reminiscent of the old venue but bigger, i like!!








Anyway, i was only here really to see Cauldronated, my views on the other acts will be brief. I saw She Makes War first. This was an acoustic set comprising of a single lady, when i say single, she was alone onstage, i have no knowledge of her relationship status. Anyway she played a Ukelele and occasionally used a megaphone and a sampler. What else can i say? Oh yes, she was from Bristol and indulged the crowd with a lot of banter between songs and her voice when singing reminded me of Sophie Ellis Bexter. I’ll have to listen to some more of her output later.

Cauldronated were up next!! As per usual there were a fair few people in to see them and only them. Once the set was over they were off to entertain themselves elsewhere. What can i say here that i have not said in other reviews? A bassist was added to the live set up and gave  some added groove to go with Dave Barbarossa’s excellent drums! Eva was on top form at the apex of the trio doing what she does best, enthrall, captivate and mesmerize!! I’ll give zero marks for the interface on the Ipad though, deciding to act like a cunt a few times during the set which unfortunately upset the flow. These unwanted hiccups were dealt with quickly and professionally and everyone moved on. I urge anyone who has not seen Cauldronated yet to put a mark in your diary for their next show because they are really that good!! Don’t take my word, come see for yourself!!!

Finally, The Men Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing!. I left the stage area after Cauldronated to go to the bar. I should not have done that because i could not get back to where i was originally. i had a side view of the band from the bar and i was behind the PA so i could not take any decent photos or experience the sound properly. What i heard was good but i left soon after the third track and will have to listen to some of their tracks online.