The Infinite 3 & Riot In Paradise Live At The Unicorn, Camden, 19/2/2015










”Out of the blue i get a message from a friend stating that The Infinite 3 were playing at the Unicorn on the 19th February. I was busy but had a listen to their stuff on Spotify. ”Sounds Familiar!!” i thought!! This sounds like a now defunct band called Leisur:Hive that i first saw around 2004 when the Marquee Club was resurrected in Leicester Square. The glory days of The Marquee long gone and this reincarnation did not last long! Anyway i digress. The Leisur:Hive were a damn good band!!”

”Dark,Angular, grinding with cold Stark vocals sometimes pleading, sometimes despairing and broody….. So i did a quick Bing and it turns out that Dan Knowler is the one and same Songwriter!! So, i decided to stop what i was doing and pop up to The Unicorn for a listen. They are very good i must tell you, similar musical stylings to Leisur:Hive but gone were the monochromatic suits, replaced with a more indie attire.Apart that is for the Bass player who looked like someones dad having a blast indulging in his secret hobby that the wife does not know about! He hardly faced front for the whole set either just stood there facing the drummer, i suppose i can’t blame him really, there weren’t many people in the audience to play too anyway so why bother facing a sparsely populated room?. Paul Humphreys springs to mind for some reason!! This band need further investigation!!”











”Riot In Paradise on the other hand sounded discordant to me on first listen. I kept trying to latch onto something that would pull me into sync with the whole but i kept ”dropping the ball” So i focused on Michi Sinn, the vocalist! She was fascinating, visually and performance wise, like a Siouxsie/Debbie Harry/Poly Styrene/Courtney Love Hybrid. She looks like she is channeling the Chi of all four!! Now i think of it she is channeling Clare Grogan as well!! ”I’m gonna rip you ta, i’m gonna rip you ta, i’m gonna rip you ta Pie Ces!!!!”. I love the track ”Relentless”, it’s about an old beau that won’t take a hint, i’ve been there, wishing they’d get over it before i stabbed them in the neck!! I’m listening to ”So depraved” on Soundcloud whilst i type, what a track!!! It has the ”Lived Through This” about it, damn raw, damn sore and damn depraved, a voice matured with a gargle of Listerine and iron filings!! The guitar on ”Threat2Kreation” has a Virgin Prunes feel to it, emphatic like a sharp knife repeatedly being jabbed into bare flesh!!”

I’ll definitely go see Riot In Paradise again!!!








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