Tonight was the first time i went to the new incarnation of The 12 bar Club. Now located on Holloway Road it is within a leisurely walk from my home. So that was what i did, i took a leisurely walk to the venue via Tesco and when i entered the venue i instantly liked the place. When it was an Irish bar called Phibbers i never went in but i think i will do from now on!! The venue is L shaped and decorated with lots of wood. You turn left when you enter and the bar is to your right, with seating on the left. Walk ahead and then descend some steps and turn right and you are in the stage area. Above the standing area there is a balcony with seating if you wish to have an elevated view of the proceedings. It’s reminiscent of the old venue but bigger, i like!!








Anyway, i was only here really to see Cauldronated, my views on the other acts will be brief. I saw She Makes War first. This was an acoustic set comprising of a single lady, when i say single, she was alone onstage, i have no knowledge of her relationship status. Anyway she played a Ukelele and occasionally used a megaphone and a sampler. What else can i say? Oh yes, she was from Bristol and indulged the crowd with a lot of banter between songs and her voice when singing reminded me of Sophie Ellis Bexter. I’ll have to listen to some more of her output later.

Cauldronated were up next!! As per usual there were a fair few people in to see them and only them. Once the set was over they were off to entertain themselves elsewhere. What can i say here that i have not said in other reviews? A bassist was added to the live set up and gave  some added groove to go with Dave Barbarossa’s excellent drums! Eva was on top form at the apex of the trio doing what she does best, enthrall, captivate and mesmerize!! I’ll give zero marks for the interface on the Ipad though, deciding to act like a cunt a few times during the set which unfortunately upset the flow. These unwanted hiccups were dealt with quickly and professionally and everyone moved on. I urge anyone who has not seen Cauldronated yet to put a mark in your diary for their next show because they are really that good!! Don’t take my word, come see for yourself!!!

Finally, The Men Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing!. I left the stage area after Cauldronated to go to the bar. I should not have done that because i could not get back to where i was originally. i had a side view of the band from the bar and i was behind the PA so i could not take any decent photos or experience the sound properly. What i heard was good but i left soon after the third track and will have to listen to some of their tracks online.


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