TOY Live At The Islington Assembly Rooms, 24/3/2015





”Another big event venue less than 5 minutes away from my front door, a venue i have walked past on many occasions, a venue i associate with council meeting, AGM’s and the like but for the first time ever i actually set foot into. You enter the venue from Upper Street to be greeted by a balcony, look left and you see the stage which is at a right angle to the street. There is something about the atmosphere which is totally different to other gigs i have been to. In fact it does have the air of a council meeting and not a music event at all. The lights remain on at all times, there is no lingering odour of stale sweat and dry ice is none existent. This is not surprising really because the event was put on by ”Attitude is Everything” to promote accessibility to music for deaf and disabled people. There was good turn out but not enough to fill the balcony so that was left to a few people with video cameras. There were two support bands on the bill,Hulkenburg which i missed and Hatcham Social. I wasn’t really paying much attention to them, i only wanted to see TOY!! But they did sound a bit like The The and Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians. I was reminded of a Christian band trying to rock out and i half expected a compere to walk out onstage after their set and say ” Weren’t they a great band? Lets give thanks to Jaysus!!” And just at that moment Kanya West walked up to the mike!! Hahaha only kidding!! TOY were the reason i was here so lets talk about them! I’ve never heard of them before tonight (Why, should i have?)But i did have a quick listen to their most recent album ”Join The Dots” on Spotify before i left home and i enjoyed it! They sound like Loop, anyone remember Loop? A stoner/sludge rock band from the late 80’s early 90’s? I did not like the sound in the venue though, it did not do the band justice in my opinion, perhaps that had something to do with the fact that the balcony was empty so the sound lacked a certain fullness, in fact it sounded tinny at times. This is of course my opinion, other reviewers are free to disagree!!”











”The other gripe i have is that the bar had no Guinness or Porter in stock and i got £1.50 change from a tenner for 2 bottles of ale!! I went to a Weatherspoons afterwards for a nightcap and two pints of ale cost less than £6 in comparison! Back to TOY! i’ll see them again sometime in the future but the lights will be down!!”



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