The Sex Pissed Dolls, The Healthy Junkies & The Featherz Live At The 02 Islington, 20/3/2015


Nancy Doll Of The Sex Pissed Dolls.


”I was  10 in 1977 and the nearest i got to The Sex Pistols was sitting in front of the telly when a news report about them came on. I’ve not seen them since their reformations in the 90’s and 2000’s either. So when i found out that The Healthy Junkies would be supporting the Sex Pissed Dolls i had to go along for look, and of course a listen! They are an all female 5 piece consisting of Connie Rotter (guitar),Kitty Vacant (2nd Guitar), Nancy Lowey (Bass), Anna Key (Drums) and finally Nancy Doll on vocals. The band, dressed in an assortment of schoolgirl, Nurse, Fetish, Tartan attire came onstage one by one with the Guitarist arriving first to set the mood with the opening phrase to ”Pretty Vacant”, The rest of the band followed and the energy and pace did not let up for the whole set. Old punk classics from the likes of The Ramones, The Clash, The Police, Sham 69, The Buzzcocks and of course The Sex Pistols. All the members of the band have been playing their instruments from an early age and as you’d expect with a blinkered desire to succeed they are bloody good musicians!! Nancy Doll channeled the energy of the others members and spat and snarled near the edge of the stage! She has a great singing voice, she’s reminiscent of Diamanda Galas in that respect and visually. And just as intense and intimidating too! Her normal voice was a sweary Jodie Marsh but she is from Manchester so the Essex twang is a put on, yes?? She has nice eyes!! like chocolate buttons with a chilli stare!!”


Nancy Doll Of The Sex Pissed Dolls.




Nina Courson & Phil Honey Jones Of The Healthy Junkies.



”The Healthy Junkies were on the middle band on, i’ve seen them a few times now so i’m familiar with their workman like, slightly sleazy Gallic Punk. Nina Courson reminds me of a Beatrice Dahl/Bardot hybrid, still exuding sex appeal, look at her eyes and pouty lips, but with a dirtier edge. If you have not heard or seen the Healthy Junkies then i recommend that you do just to experience the raw sexy melodic punk energy that sounds a bit like Nirvana and Courtney Love!! i think their sound is suited to this type of venue, not too large so the sound drifts into nothingness and the intimacy floats away like a tissue on the wind and not to small so that the sound is condensed and becomes a mish mash!!”


Nina Courson ordering two JD and Cokes from the stage!











The Featherz

The Featherz












”The First band on were The Featherz, a two girl band consisting of:- Danie Cox on Lead Guitar and Vocals ,Alice Elizabeth Atkinson on Bass guitar and vocals and Dazzle Monroe, the only man on Drums. i arrived late so i did not hear the whole set just the last two songs. I’m not really in a position to pass comment on them so i won’t apart from they were energetic and Danie Cox was colourful. My first impression was of a Bowie inspired Woody Woodpecker backed up by a bassist that reminded me of Melissa Auf Der Maur. All i know about them is that they have supported Boy George on a 2013 tour and that their facebook page say that David Bowie has booked them to support him on an up and coming gig. It was posted on April 1st though so i am thinking about salt and some pinching!!”





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