Metal To The Masses at The Purple Turtle, Camden,29/3/15













I’m not too keen on the Purple Turtle!! It is always too hot, i always come out of the place wondering why i bothered to bathe before i left home! The place is humid, it is a venue that could double up as a green house, perfect for growing tomatoes and beans etc with the encouragement of heavy metal music. At least these tomatoes would be fortified with iron!! Sort out the air conditioning guys and i’ll become a lot keener!! That aside, i turned up to see Metal To The Masses quarter final 2. The ultimate prize for this speed,thrash,black,death,Tech,Trad metal riffery is a spot at this years BloodStock Festival. The bill included;-









RIP Sanity!










Bearfist, Skarthia and Wychound i missed but i did see the full set of RIP Sanity and Night Screamer. RIP Sanity have been embedding themselves into the quarter final stage for the past four years and  they expected to at least go one round further on this time! Alas it did not happen. The band did have two guitarists at one stage but Az left for personal reasons and in my opinion they need another guitarist to fill this void. Sarah has too much to do and i think the sound is lacking a certain ooomph in that area. There is an over compensation by the other members in an attempt to rectify this! What do they sound like you ask!! ok i’ll tell you!! they sound a bit like Anthrax, a bit like Pantera, a lot like Megadeth and maybe some Slayer thrown in, are you happy now?? All are accomplished musicians who by their own admission were not on top of their game on  this ocassion. I’ve seen many of their other gigs and they were certainly on top of their game then, floating even!! We all have off nights, i did too, my photos were mostly blurred due to focusing issues  but hey, WHAT DOES NOT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!!!


Rich Cook of RIP Sanity!












The final word is from the band themselves:-

* We will not go quietly
* We will make our voices heard
* We’re here to make a stand
* We’ve drawn a line in the dirt
* We are tired of the spoon fed bullshit that we’re currently being served
* We can no longer just sit by and watch everything and everyone we love be sold for commercial gain
* We are angry and frustrated
* We want change
* We don’t want to be lied to anymore
* We are so sick of choking on the smoke
* We are cynical
* We want you to shut your mouths and wallets, and open your minds, eyes and hearts
* We want you to listen instead of burying your head in the sand
* We want humanity to win
* We will not go quietly


Night Screamer










Night Screamer i have never seen nor heard of before!!! I tasted them like i was tasting a bottle of quality wine! I got Iron Maiden, i got Deep Purple, i got hints of Sebastian Bach, Joey Tempest with subtle hints of Ronnie James Dio!! This band were awesome!! What a voice!! And the bass playing was on the money, i like the bassist!! She was good!! A band definitely worth seeing if you want a meat and two veg evening out, everything does what it says on the tin, it hits the spot and you leave rubbing your belly in a satisfied way!!


Julie C of Night Screamer












Go and see these two bands, i implore you!!!

And now for nibbles………




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