Alice’s Wicked Tea Party, Cross Keys Inn, Wimborne, Dorset, 29/30th May 2015

Alices Wicked Tea Party

”It takes a lot of work to put on a music festival!! To state the obvious you have to find the a suitable venue, source performers, hire equipment, apply for the appropriate licenses etc etc And then you have to drum up support, enthusiasm and the like through advertising and sell enough tickets to to make it worth while! There will be problems along the way, some of which would have been mitigated against and others unexpected!! But you soldier on with the mission and hope it is a success. In the process you will learn many things about the process and about yourself. You’ll ask yourself questions such as:- ” Was that worth the effort, did i put on the right mix of acts, was it financially worth it” etc etc. But after all is said and done you have gone on a journey and been places that others have never been. At the end of the day your reward will be a sense of achievement and the knowledge that you made alot of peoples weekend!!!”

”I went to a small festival on the 29th May. Alice’s Wicked Tea Party it was called. It was a small affair at Holt Heath in Dorset. I got a coach from Victoria to Ringwood and then took a local bus to 3 Legged Cross where i alighted and walked 2 miles or so to the site.Part of my walk took me over Holt Heath in the sunshine accompanied by the smell of wet grass, horse shit, heather and gorse! I had had only 2 hours sleep the night before so one was flagging in the energy department. i soldiered on though and arrived around noon at The Cross Keys Pub. I needed coffee but the pub was not serving until 4pm so i thought i’d go and have a look around the festival site. This consisted of a field for camping, which was inhabited by a few camper vans and tents, and a large field set aside for the stage area. This was accessed by a footbridge under a sign stating ”The Rabbit Hole” Two stages were set up side by side, a chill out tent was erected in front of the second stage and two stalls were set up beyond that, one selling clothes and the other was a tarot reading stall i think. Not many people around at this stage so i took the opportunity to eat something and have 40 winks covered in scarves. With no success in that area i pretty much gave up on sleep!! For the rest of the day i stayed awake purely by will power and adrenalin!!”


Flesh Eating Foundation.

”I got to see three bands before i had to pop off to arrange transport back to the Bus Station later that night so i missed Sanguine, although i heard them from the pub,The Skrealings, The Department and Dog House. I did get to see a paired down Flesh Eating Foundation who created noise by manipulating sound with knobs and sliders. Personally i thought they could have gone on later when it got darker to create atmospheres as the sun descended behind the trees,it would have had more of an impact with me personally. Second on were A Noise. I have never heard of them before and i don’t know what to make of them to be honest! I suppose the best way to describe them is Cross Dressing Acid Trip Kabuki!! I’ll leave it at that!! I can’t find anything of them online apart from a facebook page with no links to music or website but there are a few videos to grab your attention, or not!”

A Noise featuring Nigel from Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly.

A Noise featuring Nigel from Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly.

Third on were  Uncle Pablo’s Magic Potion  a good solid Psychedelic/progressive rock band fronted by a vocalist with a very visual Gothic, Mad Max space warrior image.Not heard them before but something worth exploring later. The guitarist reminded me of Ross Noble for some reason!! Ahh i know what it was, liquid farts!!!


”Next on were Riot In Paradise, a band i have seen before, fronted by Michi Sinn once of The Junior Manson Slaggs and with Terry Macleay once of sex Gang Children on Guitar. At this point i counted the people in the crowd and it had increased from around 27 up to a healthy 68 +. Their set was a good solid affair that got many a foot tapping and a hip gyrating especially to the single ”Relentless” The band picked up a few more fans i’m sure, i know Michi acquired a few admirers…..”

Riot In Paradise.

Riot In Paradise.

”After Riot In Paradise came Sanguine, The Skrealings, The Department and Dog House as i said before. I did not see them because i had to get to the pub and charge my phone and call a cab firm to book my passage back to Ringwood bus station. And then i got absorbed in chat with Riot in Paradise and very well imbibed with ale. 1;30am and my taxi took me back to Ringwood where i waited until 3:24am for the coach back to London. Rum, Cucumber and White Chocolate cookies kept me company until the coach arrived, sleep eluded me again and i arrive at Victoria at 5:50am feeling like death!!”

”I am told Saturday was a good day too, shame i could not stay longer, Roll on next year!!”


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