The Purple Turtle Camden Penultimate Night, 26th June 2015

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”For those of you who don’t know, The Purple Turtle in Crowndale Road Camden is closing down!!! Well, it is unless something is done to keep it open. The lease has expired and Camden Council refuse to renew it!! The reason is not clear but one that sticks out is that they want to sell the building to faceless developers who will then knock down the block and replace it with another soulless, characterless glass tower that caters to the dead in the head people who’s only motivation in life is the satiation of their ego and the pathological hording of money!! We the alternative denizens of Camden who add the spice to an otherwise bland and tasteless existence came out enforce to support this venue, it’s staff, the bands who have made this place their home for,over 20 years and of course Mick Wood, the hard working and dedicate promoter of all thing METAL!!! and ALTERNATIVE!!!. There was a good turnout this evening, the venue was heaving by 10oclock and many recognizable faces showed up to support the night. DJ’s Jo The Waiter aka Calum Gray and Vade Retro Reptile were there to supply the tunes after the bands had finished along with Arcadia Noir from Reptile. RIP Sanity were there, a guy who used to run Storm Studios was there, i forget his name and many others. Speaking of the bands, there were eight on the bill, mostly metal orientated but with a smattering of punk! First on were The Day Of Locusts which i missed followed Empire Warning who i also missed! Third on were The Healthy Junkies who i didn’t miss. I’ve seen these guys a few time s before around Camden and they performed a good set of their dirty glam punk n roll, they were followed by The Die Kur, a band i used to play bass in until i decided they were not for me. Things have moved on since i played with them eight years ago thereabouts, tonight’s set was less industrial and more of an oily visceral metal, i’ll have to update myself of their sound as i’ve not been keeping tabs recently but their most recent album is out now and is called ”Manifesto”. Next on were Mercy House! A band i have not seen or heard of before so again i’ll have to do some research on them before giving a more rounded view, but they did sound very Cult Like and the set was full on , when i say full on, the bassist had bloody fingers from playing hard, i had a brief chat with him after about that and he said he tends to go over board when playing sometimes!! Dedication to the art or masochism?? Following Mercy House came Sumer, another band i’ve not seen before but i’ve had people singing their praises quite often. Again, i’m not in a position to give a full appraisal but they were really really good. Whatever other people class them as is their business but i’d class them as atmospheric prog silver metal!! Worth checking out if you have not already done so methinks! The last band on were call Leevil! You can check out Leevil’s output on Soundcloud where you can also read this description:- ”The sound of a bloke going mental in a toilet for 14 years”I did not see them because i went outside to get some air! The thing about the Purple Turtle is that the air conditioning is/was always dire especially so when the building is packed. I wondered why i bother showering before i came out because i was soaked through, if i could have removed my skin i’d still have been hot!! It was at this point that fatigue set in and i left for home. The concentration levels had blunted and a chat about physics just about finished me off!

All in all a bloody good night!! Lets hope that over the next few day there is some good news saying that the venue will be staying open, we live in hope!!



Arcadia Kaan


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Mercy House



Die Kur

Die Kur













Healthy Junkies

Healthy Junkies









Here are some links to the bands who played this fine evening:-


































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