Dolls Live At The Lexington, Islington, London, 11/7/15











”Saturday night i decided to take up a friends offer of a ticket to go and see Dolls at The Lexington. I like the venue, its the right size for an intimate gig where you can see the stage with squinting from the bar and the venue is conveniently located on Pentonville Road just a short walk/bus ride from Kings X and Angel Stations.”

”I’ve seen Dolls before at  The Old Queens Head not far away, they are a duo consisting of Jade on Vocals/guitar and Bel on drums. Think White Stripes/K T Tunstall meets PJ Harvey and you get an idea of what their sound is like. A very good sound, very energetic and raunchy, the bass parts being filled in by the drums and the guitar.Dolls would conjure up the ideal sound track to movies in a similar vain to Natural Born Killers or From Dusk Til Dawn or even Kalifornia, texture wise think of unsanded wood and the cold touch of a freshly washed wine glass when you drag your fingers across the surface followed by a clear ”piiiing” when you flick the rim with a finger.” You see, i entered the Lexington’s downstairs bar bought an ale which was nice, made my way upstairs to the  venue area, watched Dolls who were on for about 30 minutes thereabouts and then descended the stairs for more ale, and stout. Sometimes you go out for a meal and you know instinctively that one course is enough!! That course hits the spot and anything else would lead to bloating. Dolls and ale, perfect!!!

You can check out their track ”Killing Time” here:-


And more info on the duo here:-




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