Grace Solero And Vambo Live at The Black Heart, Camden, 10/7/2015



”Friday night i was really tired and did not want to go out but i found some coffee from  somewhere, made a strong cuppa and made my way to The Black Heart in Camden to see Grace Solero and Vambo. The Black Heart is in Greenland Place which is a short walk away from Camden tube. and The Underworld. The Black Heart is another venue i like which is just the right size for an intimated gig and to keep it close to the audience. After buying a pint of Camden Ink Stout, which is very nice thank you very much, i went upstairs to the venue, paid my £7 to get in and walked to the front of the stage where i was greeted by the hard rock warblings of Vambo. never heard of them before so as you’d expect i have not much to say about them apart from the fact that they sound a lot like Warrant and Free in my opinion with a Led Zep vibe going on and remind me of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in California, all sun tans, sex and girls and booze and drugs and bare chested seafront struttin. A great voice and equally as great guitar playing, note to self ”Must hear more!! By the way, what is the inspiration behind the name?? Vampires and Rambo? Or was it Alex Harvey??

Grace Solero

Grace Solero

What can i say about Grace Solero that i have not said in other reviews?? Grace and her band are a hard working band that are always out there on the road gigging! They enjoy what they do and they do what they do well. The bass playing is sublime in my opinion, really melodic and groovy. Bjorn Zetterlund has a habit of pulling his head back when playing certain phrases like he’s in the throws of a massive orgasm. I mean if i was playing bass like he plays i’d be creaming my knickers at every gig!!! If i can remember, the tracks played were:-



”St Ives”

”Once Again”, Orgasmic Bass!!

”Yard Of Blonde Girls”

”Eternal Love. Smoky” Vocals with a hint of exotic pathos!

One thing of note, there is a new drummer albeit temporary at the moment. Personally i think i he should be  permanent on first impressions but hey!! What do i know!?




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