Dolls Live at The Finsbury Pub, Manor House, London, 24/7/15

Jade & Bel of Dolls.

Jade & Bel of Dolls.












”I have seen Dolls three times this year! And this 3rd experience was better by far than the other two!! These two women have charisma and they can play! There is interplay between the two that verges on the symbiotic! They have energy and they have personality! This jumps off the stage and enters the pores of the audience, they are plugged in to The dolls network. Less is more!! They don’t over egg the pie with muso frippery and non essential waffle, they just get down to business. An addition of a bass player in the future could be an asset but then again keeping the dynamic as it is would be no bad thing in my view. I said in a previous review that they sound like a few bands from the past 15/20 years but the aforementioned Charisma and interplay makes this union raunchy, fresh and unique!!”












”The venue was patronized by me for the first time, i like it, it’s very clean, the patrons were clean, everything looked scrubbed and spruced, apart from the toilets,bloody awful!! Too small, there were gaps in the cubicles so i could look through and savor the girl next door pissing and there were no bloody coat hooks!! For crying out loud get your toilets sorted out!!”

”I’ve nothing else to say, go see and make up your own minds!! Dolls and the toilets!! Hahaha!!”


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