Dirty White Fever, Dolls And Table Scraps 21/8/2015

Venue:- The Lexington, Pentonville Road, Islington, London.














”Do you like duos? Drums and Guitar Vocals? Do you like Blues Rock, Alternative Rock and Punk? KT Tunstall? White Stripes & Gaye Bykers On Acid? Tom Waits & L7? i’ll let you dear reader decide which band sounds like what so go and explore the depths of the ocean that archives the sonic tomes of the ancestors!! The three aforementioned bands fit that bill perfectly!! Dirty White Fever, frenetic and turbulent, Dolls, feverish and excited, and Table Scraps, frenzied and busy!! Nobody stood still, all three guitarists working the stage as if they were on bonus points for miles walked!! All three drummers packing their sticks with enough energy they could have felt the vibrations in Australia!! It was novel to see a drummer (Table Scraps) standing up by the way a la Slim Jim Phantom, glitter on the drum kit too (Dolls), nice touch?? Witty repartee (Dirty White Fever) between tracks? Someone in the audience did say at one point ”Could you hurry up? i need a drink!!” Personally i like concise sets with minimal chatter but that can change depending on the band and circumstances. Dolls i have experienced before, the others not, tonight was an interesting experience of duo rock n roll played out at a damn fine venue, just one criticism!! Put some reflective strips on the edge of the stairs, one could trip and break one s neck when pissed!! I couldn’t judge where the edge was at times and i was sober!!”



Jade of DOLLS


Scott Vincent Abbott of Table Scraps

Scott Vincent Abbott of Table Scraps


















Poppy Twist of TABLE SCRAPS







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