The Underrunner, Rude Mechanicals & Alternative TV, 15/8/15

Venue:- The Dublin Castle, Parkway, Camden, London.


”The Underrunners have a new guitarist!! Yes they do!! For reasons of a creative nature Pete Vincent has left to be replaced by Andi Emm!! Where as Pete has a more laid back and slightly drunk 50’s vibe going on Andi brings a more urgent Death Rock feel to the proceedings. Not better just different!! The set included tracks from their current album ”No God No King” such as ”Joyrider” , ”Antihero” & ”Suspended” One thing i was not that impressed with was the sound though, no fault of the band but the mix sounded muddy and the bass a bit flat!! Not big fat and punchy as it usually is. The set by the band though was faultless and i wait to see what Andi brings to future shows once he has bedded in!!

Andi Emm of The Underrunners

Andi Emm of The Underrunners

The Underrunners

The Underrunners

Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals

Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals

”The Rude Mechanicals i have never seen or heard of before, what are they like you ask?? Well my first impression was something akin to Nina Hagen crossed with Lena Lovich! Weird, bizarre and surreal and disjointed and, erm, mechanical! Miss Roberts, the vocalist wore a blue frilly dress, a piled high wig finished off with a white face, i found her strangely charismatic!! Note to self, must see this band again!!”

I didn’t see much of Alternative TV!! i left the stage area to go to the loo and buy refreshments and when i came back the place was packed!! i couldn’t be bothered to fight my way through to the front so i listened from the back by the exit! What i heard was not my cup of tea so i left…



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