She Made Me Do It, Luxury Stranger & Spiral 69 Live!!

Venue:- The Hope & Anchor Pub, Upper Street, Islington, London

”This was a good gig for many reasons!! Firstly, the basement where all the action takes place has been renovated and given a damn good polish!! The stage is where the bar used to be and visa versa!! The stage now has more floor space so less chance of slipping off the edge during a vigorous set and also one is not distracted by new arrivals filing past the stage as they enter the basement like what happened with the previous layout!! The bar is of a more economical aize to which gives a bit more floor space at the back for punters to stand and view the bands!!”

She Made Me Do It

She Made Me Do It










”Anyway, the bands!! First up were She Made Me Do It, a London duo i have heard of but not listened to before so i was coming into this blind!! What can i say? Even before i knew the vocalists name was Shaheena Dax i was making Danielle Dax comparisons. They also sound a bit FuzzBox ish too!! I couldn’t help thinking that Katie Price had convinced Daniel Ash to make music with her, i don’t know where that came from. What i heard was pretty good and deserves more consideration although the vocals were way off key at times, in my opinion!!!”


Luxury Stranger

Luxury Stranger









”Luxury Stranger were superb!! They were well on the money tonight, sharp and infused with vim!! The sound was rich and full and chocolaty and was much better than the gig i promoted with them way back in April! The new layout of course helped with acoustics along with Jay who manned the mixing desk, he did a good job with all the bands to be honest!! The set included LS classics such as ”Diver”, ”Side Of The Road” and ”Wash” along with ”When The Lady Takes The Blame” and ”A Triumph of The Heart” If you have not seen Luxury Stranger then i think you should if they are ever in your area!! Nottingham, Derby, Whitby, Scunthorpe and London are places that are played regularly !!”


Spiral 69

Spiral 69












”Spiral 69 were on last! They are from Italy and again i have not heard their music before tonight! They are a 3 piece from Rome and were formed in 2007. Vocalist Riccardo Sabetti’s destiny as a musician was set way back in 1992 though after he had been to a Cure concert!! Since then he has worked with a diverse bunch of artists from Lou Reed, Paul Corkett and Steve Hewitt (Placebo) There sound can be described as New Wave/Alt Rock and Folk Pop, they are forceful and emphatic on stage with an intensity that backs up and gives a weightiness to the songs!! They are worth some exploring in my view!!”





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