Cult Of Fire, Saturnalia & Shrines And Skan

Venue:- The Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park, London, UK.

Tonights musical supper consisted of three bands i have not seen before and one that i had. The one that i wanted to see came on stage at 7pm and i was still at home getting ready!! Slightly annoyed that i was made aware that Skan were coming on five minutes before they took to the stage, i wish promoters would put stage times up hours before showtime and not minutes before, it would be a great help!! Anyway, i arrived at the venue 45 minutes later and paid my £20 ticket fee! I was expecting the same price as online but i was not in the mood to argue!! The venue was pretty busy, not packed but i’d say around two thirds full. I have not been to this venue before either, i quite like it, it’s easily accessible from the street and near to bus stops and Tufnell Park Tube, getting back to Kings Cross is easy if you have come from outside London.

The band onstage when i arrived was Shrines, i’ve seen them before at Metal To The Masses, they played a good set at the  Purple Turtle from what i can recall but i am not very familiar with them to be honest and did not see much of their set tonight, i’ll do my research and post on them at a later date!!


Saturnalia Temple

Saturnalia Temple










”Next up were Saturnalia Temple! Again a new band for me, first impressions, Burzum and Sabbath like in places, indefinable in others!! very acidic and sludgy and i get the image of wading through knee deep mud that suddenly descends to the ankles facilitating easy progress forward towards the next puddle of knee deep mud!! I am loving ”MARCH OF GHA’AGSHEBLAH”, ”TO THE OTHER” and ”CROWNED WITH SEVEN”, other tracks are a bit hard going and hit and miss, i’d have to be really in the right frame of mind to get through this album in one go without bashing my head against the nearest lamp post!!They had a drummer that was not visible initially so i thought they were a 2 piece with a drum machine, ha! metal with a drum machine?? Yeah but Varg Vikernes composed a lot of Burzums stuff using keyboards and a drum machines whilst in prison for murder!! Until i went and stood on a bench to the right of the stage and i could see light glint off the cymbals!! The closer to the stage i was the more the drummer became invisible!! Especially when you are crouching down to get a decent shot and waterfalls of hair come cascading over my head stinging my hands with whip like efficiency!! The tracks mentioned above come from Saturnalia Temples recent album ”TO THE OTHER” So if you’d like to go check it out then go to Bandcamp, the links will follow below!!


Cult Of Fire

Cult Of Fire










”Finally, after the setting up of altars and the lighting of candles and incense Cult Of Fire take to the stage!! They are from the Czech Republic! There were many Czechs in the front row jostling for position in front of some very imposing crossed scythes! First impressions? Very striking and very imposing and very mysterious!! Think Darth Maul crossed with Benedictine Monks! This was not merely a gig, it was a ceremony, a ritual, a gathering of the energies, a transcendental experience!! Something to savour from a distance for me i think and not at the front of a busy crowd jostling for position. This was tantric sex for the ears albeit with a bit of chafing but if the overall experience was rewarding then whats the problem with a bit of chafing?? I bought their album ”Death tapasi anudhyana” after the gig and i have been playing it to death, if you like Nepalese imagery entwined with occultish themes then you may like this!! Check Cult Of Fire out on Bandcamp!!”






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