Lifelover, Hypothermia, Eye Of Solitude and Kall

Venue:- Nambucca, Holloway Road, Islington, London.















“I was supposed to go to Hastings tonight to see Dave Roca of The Underrunners play a solo acoustic set at The Carlisle Pub but due to circumstances I won’t allude to here I did not go! So to fill my time I thought I’d take the short trip from my home up to Nambucca on Holloway Road to listen to some black metal. Tonight’s event was promoted by Old Empire and Cult Never Dies and all of the bands I’ve not seen before apart from Eye Of Solitude. I missed Kall because I was still phaffing about going to Hastings but once I had finished phaffing I got to Nambucca whilst Eye Of Solitude were onstage! I paid £20 to get in which is £13 more than I’d usually pay to see a band at this venue but the place was packed, I’d say that there were around 150+ people there, the bands obviously were worth paying for I assumed! Getting to the stage to take photos was going to be a chore so I stood at the side of the stage to watch Eye Of Solitude.













At this point I will say that the music played was in the vein of Burzum, Gorgoroth and Dark Throne for all the bands, sparse, dark and atmospheric, think of a Billy Brandt photography or Ansel Adams, variations on tones from dark black through greys to pure white! Hypothermia had sparse vocals but when used the effect was to accent, to remind or to emphasis the mood in the music! I felt hypnotized in places and in need of a pick me up due to soporific effects and in other places I felt invigorated, fully lucid! There was an incident when Hypothermia started their set, all dressed in what looked like Hessian shrouds, when an audience member took one of the candles off of the stage and started waving it about, the vocalist kicked said audience member and told him to fuck off out of the venue! He then took of his shroud and got even more irritated with this person who eventually left the stage area! To be honest I was looking forward to a fight!! I was standing on a bench stage left so would have had an ideal view of the violence! That was not the end of it, there was more to come when Livelover came onstage!


Eye Of Solitude

Eye Of Solitude










From their Facebook page I see that the vocalist is called ( )! Yes ( ), dressed like a slaughter man who had just finished work and who wanted to express his thoughts of the day by getting up onstage and purging until he could purge no more! Now a punter is getting angry at a person wondering through the crowd wearing a balaclava, he knocks a pint glass into said punters face and said punter is losing his composure! He goes for him, said man in balaclava removes it and says “back off” or “fuck off!” I’m not sure which. There was calm  for a few tracks and then said punter starts his whining all over again! Whilst this goes on the band play on oblivious to what we going on! Balaclava man’s friends defend him from this guy who I can now see resembles a pissed Uruk Hai, he disappears never to return! Balaclava man ends up onstage eventually death grunting through a few tracks and the crowd seem to appreciate what was going on, was he a band member? Or was he a fan given  privileged stage time? I don’t know, some more research is warranted!! I shall research later, to sum up I’ll say that I had an enjoyable evening!!”

”I have done some research!! Balaclava man is either band member LR  or member 1853, both of whom were in the original line up when they formed in 2005. Their biog on Reverbnation states that they both contribute ”Random Elements”

“A trip to Hastings would have been nice though!!!!!”






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