BubbleGum Screw, Global Noise Attack, Mis-Made and The Underrunners Live!!!!!

VENUEs:- Nambucca Holloway Road and The Pipeline, 94, Middlesex Street E1 7DA

”Friday and Saturday i was out at gigs so i have decided to amalgamate the two nights into one review. A lot of the bands  that played i did not see because i did not arrive early so i will only mention them briefly. Bordello Rose and Hung Over i missed on Friday and The Court Of Sybaris i missed on Saturday so obviously i have no views to share, links are below so you can check them out yourselves!!

The Underrunners

The Underrunners

Friday:- Firstly i saw The Underrunners, a band that plays regularly on the London live scene! A very workman like band always out and about exposing their sound to new and old audiences alike, at the moment they are working in a new guitarist as i’ve mentioned in a previous review who is giving a new dimension/dynamic to the sound/setup. I look forward to how things progress in the coming months!! Tonights set was peppered with tracks such as ”Joyrider”, “Gone Generation” and ”The Party’s Over”

”The Mis-Made i was not too keen on on first listen, a lot of that had to do with the poor sound in the venue!! The Underrunners sounded flat and tinny in places, no resemblance to their usual full, rounded and meaty sound, the PA sounded bloody awful and that did not change when The Mis-Made played! The Guitars lacked oomph and the vocals stood too far out in the mix, in my opinion!! I have since listened to their punk pop tunes online and they are a lot fuller and even toned!!”

BubbleGum Screw

BubbleGum Screw

”BubbleGum Screw? Think The Stooges, Mick Jagger and Hanoi Rocks all thrown together into a cooking pot and you get where i’m coming from!! This is dirty, edgy in your face rock that grabs your attention, if you were in a club not in view of the stage and these guys came on you’d make your way to the stage to check them out!! I like them!! I like the confident and cocky attitude!!. Oh, and the sound had miraculously improved by th time these guys took to the stage!! Strange that!!”

Saturday:-”The Underrunners play their second gig of the weekend!! This time the sound in the venue was a darn sight better than the night before, their sonic wares were given more justice by a fuller, rounder sound that pulsed out into the crowd and caressed instead of tapping you on the shoulder with a bony finger. The vibe onstage was a lot better too, it came across more positively!!” A similar setlist to the night before and i liked Eva Menons outfit!! It was a bit loose around the midriff and when i suggested stapling it to her belly she told me to fuck off, in a jocular manner of course!!”

Global Noise Attack

Global Noise Attack

”Global Noise Attack? Stomping repetitive guitar riffs a la Rob Zombie/Ministry crossed with the electronic heart of The Prodigy fronted by a scary looking Cat Weazle Character by the name of Jr Benucci!! Very in your face,if one could imagine for one moment waking up in a dark basement on a gurney with the fogginess of an ether induced sleep wearing off and seeing a character looking like a cross between Fagin and Catweazle glaring at you wide eyed and maniacal whilst the seriousness of your situation is tempered by a bare arse and a studded jockstrap then you get the picture!! some people in the crowd were wide eyed, bemused, uncomfortable, fascinated, but what ever their feelings they won’t forget Global Noise Attack in a hurry!!”

”There was another band on the bill that i’d never seen before who were very good live but due to an attitude problem (Check below!) which i found quite grating and totally out of order i will not mention their name here or give them publicity!!” I wrote a review of this band and due to distraction or tiredness i forgot to paste that review ito this blog, hence the abuse below! Mouth running off on one before the brain slipped into first gear it seems!!”

”I like The Pipeline venue, never been here before but it’s a short walk from Liverpool Street Station and Spitelfields Market so handy for a drink after a days shopping or a long train journey down from Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk. More of a rock themed bar than a rock pub but hey!! You can’t have it all!!





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