Venue:- The RoundHouse Camden 18th October 2015



The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters Of Mercy











”Now that i have slept and metabolized all the doom bar i drank last night and fortified myself with chicken livers i can offer my thought on last night proceeding s at the RoundHouse!! Black Moth were more enjoyable than The Sisters Of Mercy!!! Their sludge rock sound was a lot more interesting to listen to because it was fresher and played by a bunch of people that have not been hamstrung by age and thus still have a spring in their step. Andrew Eldritch sounded tired and it felt like he was going through the motions at times. The music did not have the oomph it had back in the day and all i could hear at times was screeching!! I mean seriously, how long can you keep on serving the same fare to your admirers without adding something new to the mix to freshen and spice things up?? But people are not there for new stuff are they? They are there to hear the old classics that were the sound track for a generation of goths back in the early eighties to the early nineties! ”First and Last and Always” , ”This Corrosion”, ”Lucretia” , ”Temple of Love” etc did not sound the same to me and i did not have the same level of enthusiasm for them as i used to. I think the high priest of Goth forgot the words to Temple Of Love too if i am not mistaken! I think i’ll listen on vinyl/cd/mp3 from now on and get my kicks that way!! i got bored after taking a few photos, which was bloody difficult from where i was standing on the right hand side of the stage not only because of the dry ice but also because of the jostling!! I could not be bothered to fight my way into the front row so i took some shots from the side and went in search of some ale, way too much ale for a Sunday night but hey….”



Harriet Bevan Of Black Moth

Harriet Bevan Of Black Moth




















” I’m not at all familiar with Black Moths output but they sound a bit like BRMC crossed with Black Sabbath crossed with The Stooges. I just listened to their track ”Room 13” on YouTube, it’s a cracking track!! Harriet Bevan’s vocals sound like something i’ve heard before but when i think i have got my answer it slips back into the recesses of my brain with a teasing smirk accompanied by the refrain ”No you haven’t!! No you haven’t!!….!! They were definitely on the money tonight and looked like they were enjoying themselves, to start with not many people were in the auditorium to experience them but gradually the place filled up and eyes and ears aligned themselves in stage direction showing genuine interest!!”



The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters Of Mercy











”To sum up, i am glad i went!! i am glad to have had the experience!! It was nice to see a harem of Goths all under one roof and it was nice to bump into old friends from the past! will i go again in 10 years time, if Andrew Eldritch still has some energy left? Who knows……….”







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