Dir En Grey Live at The 02 Academy Islington


No photo pass this time so it was poor mobile shots!!














”What can i say?? Dir En Grey have been around since the late 1990’s and their style has morphed over the years but it can be described as Prog Metal, Alt Metal, Nu Metal, experimental Metal with pop and Visual Kei overtones. Their name is made up of words from different languages and was originally used because it sounded ”right”. There is now no meaning other than being a signpost to the band itself. I got into Dir En Grey around 7 years ago and i’ve played the albums ”Withering To Death” , ”marrow To The Bone” and ”Ourobouros” to death!! There are nine albums in all, ”Arche” of which is the latest!!”



Poor Shot #2













”I have finally ticked them off of my ”Got to see before i die” list, They are brilliant live, full of energy that is consumed by the crowd and then shot right back at them! at times i had shivers running down my spine due to the crowd noise and the vocal gymnastics of lead singer Kyo. I got the impression that there was a ”sonic 69” going on between artist and onlooker because the energy got quite intense.”


Poor Shot #3












”Kyo’s vocals are amazing!! he is a Japanese Diamanda Galas, one minute crooning, then screeching like a banshee then growling like a demon possessed before shifting into clean vocal mode and hitting the high notes like a well honed operatic diva. It was like watching a musical painting being painted right in front of me, the low and growling darks followed by high and clean whites all used to great effect to create an impressive whole!! The only thing that would get me to watch Baby Metal live is if Dir En Grey were headlining!! Seriously, they are that good!! i don’t care that i cannot understand Japanese, so what!! Everything else makes up for that and i can always use my imagination to conjure my own unique interpretations!! I’ll definitely be going to see these guys again!!!”
”The support band, Rise Of The Nothstar, not really my cup of tea and from where i was standing up iin the balcony when they played i did not get the full force of their sound. The youngsters liked them though, each to their own!!”










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