Venue:- 02 Academy Islington, London N1



”Brilliant!! Energetic, manic rock n roll from the 70’s and 80’s with a Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin Vibe , swirling guitars solos and a deep and heavy and sludgy bottom end, tinged with hint of psychedelia and mysticism!”

”I was out of he house by 8pm and i was home by 11pm! Sometimes times all you need 3 hours!!’








VENUE:- THE Hope and Anchor Pub, upper Street Islington, N1 1RL


”Tonight i took a trip up to my local muci pub The Hope and Anchor to see Saigon Blue Rain. I’ve wanted to see them for a while and Velevet Sheep brought them over from Paris to play a show with  three other bands, non of which i was that botherd about to be honest before i arrived at the pub but they all turned out to be quite good. I was in the process of organising a gig here in London with Saigon Blue Rain but i was beaten to it! I couldn’t get the bands together that i wanted so oh well!!”


Geeta ©ClaudiaBlack2015









”Geeta was on first!! She hails from Montreal but now lives in London! She’s into dreams and gravity and cinema and poetry and all that!!She sounds like Bjork and Siouxie crossed with Android Lust with hints of Sopor Aeturnus thrown into the mix. The music is like taking a walk through spun sugar whilst figures on stilts throw sticks covered in chocolate at you! It’s light and airy with with fronds of denseness thrown up in your way to keep you on your toes! First impressions, i like!!!”


Black Casino & The Ghost ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Black Casino & The Ghost


”Black Casino and The Ghost have a confident groove that comes from the hips and a spaced out backing that is a bit tinny. I have never seen nor heard of this band before either but my first impressions, interesting!! A bit bluesy with Scandinavian overtones, a drummer who was in Kula Shaker and a bassist with the same surname as a certain bassist who plays in Motorhead!!The set was short due to the proceedings starting a  bit late but i heard enough to be curious and wanting to check them out online lafter the gig!”


Saigon Blue Rain ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Saigon Blue Rain



”Mesmerizing,  a sound that arrests all thought and cultivates dreams! A sound that sends shivers down the spine and causes certain muscles to go into spasms! The interplay between vocals, guitar and bass is like smoke dancing in and  out of the gaps in a filigree fence. Its like spell casting, all the the right ingredients put together in just the right way to create  magic that conjures the spirits of rejuvenation from within, snap!! Just like that!! A slight issue with feed back to start with but once that had been dealt with, perfect!!”



Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero Taken with a smartphone!










”Zeitgeist  Zero, a new band for that i found intriguing!! The vocalist  fascinated me for some reason!! There was a goth vibe mixed with a metal vibe mixed with a cabaret vibe and a 20’s vibe mixed with a 50’s R&R vibe. It all worked and i found my self sat on a stool playing an imaginary kick drum and doing some headbanging lite!! Very good band!”



Hanzel Und Gretyl Live!!

Venue:- Electrowerkz, London, 17/10/2015












”I’ve never seen Hanzel Und Gretyl before but they are a damn good band live!! Very aggressive in a hypnotic way,they remind me of Rammstein (As you’d expect), Rob Zombie in places, Static X in others with a tinge of Amon  Armath and Venom!! Their sound has Germanic overtones but they are not a German band at all! They  comprise of Kaiser Von Loopy  (vocals/programming) and Vass Kallas (Vocals/Bass) and are from New York City where they were formed  in 1993. Tonight Kaiser wore some  kind  of Wolf/WWI German Helmet mask  whilst Vass was crowned  with her trademark red hair which complimented that very guttural death growl that is  earthy and cadaverous!! Originally their sound was described as scifi metal/Industrial and experimental but as they have progressed the sound has morphed through heavy metal to Black/Death Metal! They have also been linked to the Neue Deutsche Harte movement which, for those of you who don’t know is a German mix of Industrial, Metal and Groove Metal. The venue tonight was quite busy and the crowd were totally into what was going on up upon the stage. Normally i’d be fighting my way to the front to get some close up shots of the action onstage but tonight i could not be bothered so i stood some distance back on a bench to get an overall view of the proceedings and of course to get a feel for the  music without being deafened close up by the speakers, i think i got some good shots based on that decision!!. I am not fully familiar with Hanzel Und Gretyl’s  output  so i can’t tell you what tracks were played on the night, however i did listen to ”Transmissions From Uranus” (1997) ”ScheisseMessiah” (2004) and  ”Black Forest Metal” (2014) If you want some sonic contrast then these albums are a good place to start.”