Hanzel Und Gretyl Live!!

Venue:- Electrowerkz, London, 17/10/2015












”I’ve never seen Hanzel Und Gretyl before but they are a damn good band live!! Very aggressive in a hypnotic way,they remind me of Rammstein (As you’d expect), Rob Zombie in places, Static X in others with a tinge of Amon  Armath and Venom!! Their sound has Germanic overtones but they are not a German band at all! They  comprise of Kaiser Von Loopy  (vocals/programming) and Vass Kallas (Vocals/Bass) and are from New York City where they were formed  in 1993. Tonight Kaiser wore some  kind  of Wolf/WWI German Helmet mask  whilst Vass was crowned  with her trademark red hair which complimented that very guttural death growl that is  earthy and cadaverous!! Originally their sound was described as scifi metal/Industrial and experimental but as they have progressed the sound has morphed through heavy metal to Black/Death Metal! They have also been linked to the Neue Deutsche Harte movement which, for those of you who don’t know is a German mix of Industrial, Metal and Groove Metal. The venue tonight was quite busy and the crowd were totally into what was going on up upon the stage. Normally i’d be fighting my way to the front to get some close up shots of the action onstage but tonight i could not be bothered so i stood some distance back on a bench to get an overall view of the proceedings and of course to get a feel for the  music without being deafened close up by the speakers, i think i got some good shots based on that decision!!. I am not fully familiar with Hanzel Und Gretyl’s  output  so i can’t tell you what tracks were played on the night, however i did listen to ”Transmissions From Uranus” (1997) ”ScheisseMessiah” (2004) and  ”Black Forest Metal” (2014) If you want some sonic contrast then these albums are a good place to start.”
































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