Venue:- Electrowerkz, Islington, London.

Date:- 28th November 2015


All Images ©ClaudiaBlack2015

No Copying with permission!!!


”This was another night put on by Post Punk Club and Deadfall Management at the world famous Electrowerkz in Islington, which by the way needs our support at the moment due to cross rail attempting to get their grubby paws over OUR creative space, which is not on!! Anyway, the bands! i was supposed to see  Psydoll and Global Citizen at The Resistance Gallery in Hackney last year but due to part of the sound system blowing up Global Citizen pulled out of the event. Psydoll played on though with a cobbled together sound system which was terrible in my opinion but i applauded the fact that they decided to carry on with their set, after all the travelling they had done it would have been wasted energy and money if they hadn’t. On this occasion however the sound was  much much better and fires/loud bangs and what have you were none existent. Psydoll, what can i say about Psydoll now i hear them with a decent sound system? They are a cyberpunk/industrial duo that have been in existence since 1997 that consists of Nekoi Psydoll on  vocals/Keyboards and Ucchi Psydoll on guitar/programming. The sound is very idiosyncratic and takes time to get into, the guitars are sublime and the vocals delivered in Japanese with a childlike bent in places. I like but not as much as Global Citizen!!”

























Global Citizen are very cerebral, deep and dark!! They are like a key to the subconcious, the words are sparse mostly and one is left with simple refrains that echo around inside of your head waiting for a life event to happen so that the meanings appears. photographs developing  in a bath of bromophen! They are also primal, all my moves come from the groin! They are a  band of contrasts, deep deep black, gun metal greys, metallic tones and bright whites!! Enough said, i like!! Oh, and they hvae a passing resemblance to Gary Numan!!”


Global Citizen

Global Citizen









Global Citizen

Global Citizen
















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