Savages Live!!!

Venue:- The Tufnell Park Dome, Tufnell Park (As if if it would have been anywhere else!), London, UK.











” When i arrive, late due to the traffic, the show was three tracks old! The pace was  packed and very steamy.There was no photo area so i had to make do with snapping from within and on the periphery of the crowd. Savages are just that live, savage. The sound is repetitive and hypnotic. is funky and hard and melodic and is very reminiscent of early Siouxie and The Banshees! The comparison  jumps straight out at you and presents itself with no delay or distraction! This is  clear on tracks like   ‘The Answer”, ” She Will”, ”Fuckers” but mostly on ”Strife” and ”Marshal Daer”PJ Harvey jumps out at you when listening to ”TIWYG” but mostly its pure Savages!! The set was full of energy and the band did not let up until the end, Jhenny Beth indulging in a bit crowd surfing near the end, i think it was the track before ”Fuckers”. My first time at a Savages show, well worth it in my view!!”
















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