Radikal Rubber By Dave Roca











Release Date:- June 2016

Mastered by Reza Uhdin

Copyright:- Dave Roca/Looking For Lucifer Recordings

”This is the first solo album created by Dave Roca, vocalist/bassist with The Underrunners. It’s an album inspired by the decadent society we live in and the control that technology has over our lives, technologies that are marketed as liberating and making life so much easier but conversely turning us all into compliant junkified slaves that can’t live life in it’s age old analogue form any longer, we acquiesce like the good little drones we are happy to have our daily dose digital smack…… sorry, i went off on one then!”

”In the words of the artist/musician/producer/arranger himself :- ”This album is more robotic and futuristic than Underrunners material, it is an album to be feared not loved!! As long as it is not ignored any reaction but that!! My  words! You should come away from listening to this album with a few self directed questions and if you don’t then go listen again until you do!!!

”I’ll be honest, this album did not grab me by the lapels on first listen, i felt it lacked some oomph BUT Its bloody good on second listen! Once my ears had become accustomed to the mix  my head was filled with  landscapes!! Cornish landscapes and Icelandic landscapes!! Deep gorges and high water falls and steep cliffs rising majestically over long sandy beaches!! The tone is reflective and pensive without being morose, it is thoughtful and ghostly in places with the usual undertones of Pete Murphy! You are taken deep down into dark places before ascending for fresh air, a welcome antidote to subterranean musings!! The vocals can be a bit Billy Mackenzie at times too and to a lesser extent Lisa Marie Presley!! That’s not a bad thing, let me make that clear!!”

This is a very good listen and i expect it to improve as time goes on!!




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