LifeLover Konkurs










Album:- Konkurs

Release Date:- November 26th 2010

Label:- Prophesy


”I’ve listened to this album before but today i thought it deserved some more of my attention, and it held it! This is great!!!

Desolate, miserable, cold, cutting, wet, despairing, dark humour, it’s like being cut by a rusty, wet and blunt razor blade whilst sitting in a puddle of your own piss, at night under a muffled red street lamp surrounded by glass, and rodents! Textured and hypnotic with screeching that jolts out of reverie!! What else can i add?? Not a lot! Shoe gaze in places mixed with post punk slivers topped off with generous shavings of metal, black metal, of course one would expect nothing less!! LifeLover started life in 2005 in Sweden and are credited with  being a big influence on the metal sub genre of Depressive Suicidal Metal. If you are going to be depressed and suicidal then be it with style!!”

Stand out Tracks:- Strangt P.G.A Semester and Bitter Reflektion















European Ghost











Album:- Pale And Sick
Released:- June 5th 2016
Label:- Unknown Pleasures, France


”Dark, desolate, cold, despairing, Hypnotic, I think of a deep dark cavern with minimal light entering the darkest recess, i feel the isolation and the despair of being in such a dark place, a fear that roots me to the spot, i dare not move, but then i do, i have to, i feel the courage overtake that fear and i find a path through the dark using touch, smell and the minute changes in air pressure! I learn to be a bat, i see in the dark, all obstacles can be overcome!! The sound of this album does not seem cluttered, it is evenly spaced, airy in places but it is very textured!! I can see the sound!! Mossy damp walls, cold dry shards of flint, crumbly sandstones and the decay of rotting matter!! Have you read Gormenghast? I see The Thing, feral, wild and free!! The world of man is a disease!!”

”Tracks that i like are ”Unreal Space” and ”Sex in Kepler” and the final track ”European Ghost” The last track has a Alan Vega/Marty Rev vibe to it, very shivery!!”

I like this album!!!  It has the potential to be a favourite!!

Ministry Live!!

Venue:- The Kentish Town Forum, London, UK

Date:- 20/8/2016

NO unauthorised use of Images!!!!

Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen










”I didn’t know if i’d make this show! I sent numerous emails to different agencies requesting photo passes and not one had the decency to email back with a positive or negative response, which i find is disgraceful!! Not knowing if i had got a pass or not i decided to go to the show anyway, with my not so good back up camera, i was not expecting a pass to be waiting for me, and a massive hangover from the night before. When i arrive at the venue the security assumed that i was press and ushered me inside the venue to get my pass, which was a good start!! I tell the girl behind the glass who i was working for and she looks through a long list, my name is not on it!! Another girl looks through the list again and again my name is not there! Finally she radios for advice and then picks up a clip board, what’s underneath? A photopass!! Brilliant i thought! Why can’t these people email confirmation, emailing is so easy and it takes no more than 30 seconds to send one, i know i’ve done it!!”


Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen












”Anyway, on to the show! Ministry had just taken to the stage when i arrived, i could hear the loud raptures of the crowd as the trademark abrasiveness commenced! I fought my way through the dense crowd to the front, entered the photo pit and took 31 photos with my shit camera for 3 songs! One photo i did not get was when the bassist flipped me the bird, the camera conked out temporarily! The band were up for a great show and so were the crowd, there was plenty of energy directed at the stage, lots of air punches and horn gestures! I’m not au fait with all Ministry’s out put but i remember NWO, Just One Fix, Stigmata and as an encore Psalm 69. Most of the tracks got my foot stomping and my head banging especially the aforementioned tracks!! There was a great energy in the venue and it was packed to the rafters. Thoroughly good show and i’m glad i went!!”



1:- Hail to His Majesty (Peasants)

2:- Punch in the Face

3:- PermaWar

4:- Rio Grande Blood

5:- Señor Peligro

6:- LiesLiesLies

7:- Waiting

8:- N.W.O.

9:- Just One Fix

10:- The Missing

11:- Deity

12:- Stigmata


Encore 1:-

14:- Psalm 69

15:- So What

16:- Khyber Pass

Encore 2:-
17:- Gates of Steel
(DEVO cover)












Winter Severity Index














Album:- Human Taxonomy

Release Date:- May 2016

Released by Manic Depression Records.


”Any record that sends cold shivers down my spine is a great record in my book!! There are some records that don’t immediately impress but over a succession of plays you get into the groove and all the delights of the production start to jump out and make themselves known!! I like that kind of music, not readily accessible but it grows on you!! This album however gets under the skin after only a couple of plays! It is Ansel Adams like in tones!! Deep blacks through shades of grey right down to the purest white!! It is aggressively hypnotic and extremely satisfying, conjuring up reels and reels of imagery, this would have been my soundtrack for a recent trip to a cemetery! I’m reminded of Xmal Deutschland, Dead Can Dance and also Wolfgang Press, Siouxsie and early Cure (Faith) My favourite tracks are ”Waiting Room” and ”5 Am” . The latter reminds me of ”Ha Howa Ha Howa” by SexWitch for some reason!! The images come thick  and fast and the urge to move and gyrate is hard to suppress and i feel shivery and every pore dances with the pulses emanating from my speakers!!! 7 tracks of pure heaven!!!”