Winter Severity Index














Album:- Human Taxonomy

Release Date:- May 2016

Released by Manic Depression Records.


”Any record that sends cold shivers down my spine is a great record in my book!! There are some records that don’t immediately impress but over a succession of plays you get into the groove and all the delights of the production start to jump out and make themselves known!! I like that kind of music, not readily accessible but it grows on you!! This album however gets under the skin after only a couple of plays! It is Ansel Adams like in tones!! Deep blacks through shades of grey right down to the purest white!! It is aggressively hypnotic and extremely satisfying, conjuring up reels and reels of imagery, this would have been my soundtrack for a recent trip to a cemetery! I’m reminded of Xmal Deutschland, Dead Can Dance and also Wolfgang Press, Siouxsie and early Cure (Faith) My favourite tracks are ”Waiting Room” and ”5 Am” . The latter reminds me of ”Ha Howa Ha Howa” by SexWitch for some reason!! The images come thick  and fast and the urge to move and gyrate is hard to suppress and i feel shivery and every pore dances with the pulses emanating from my speakers!!! 7 tracks of pure heaven!!!”






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