European Ghost











Album:- Pale And Sick
Released:- June 5th 2016
Label:- Unknown Pleasures, France


”Dark, desolate, cold, despairing, Hypnotic, I think of a deep dark cavern with minimal light entering the darkest recess, i feel the isolation and the despair of being in such a dark place, a fear that roots me to the spot, i dare not move, but then i do, i have to, i feel the courage overtake that fear and i find a path through the dark using touch, smell and the minute changes in air pressure! I learn to be a bat, i see in the dark, all obstacles can be overcome!! The sound of this album does not seem cluttered, it is evenly spaced, airy in places but it is very textured!! I can see the sound!! Mossy damp walls, cold dry shards of flint, crumbly sandstones and the decay of rotting matter!! Have you read Gormenghast? I see The Thing, feral, wild and free!! The world of man is a disease!!”

”Tracks that i like are ”Unreal Space” and ”Sex in Kepler” and the final track ”European Ghost” The last track has a Alan Vega/Marty Rev vibe to it, very shivery!!”

I like this album!!!  It has the potential to be a favourite!!

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